Does the Mobile Use Cellular Data When Connected to Wifi ?

In today’s time, internet connectivity has improved by leaps and bounds, thanks to the innovative technology around. Be it wired or wireless, the sole aim of giving a compatible internet connection to everyone is getting achieved slowly. When it comes to Wi-Fi, there is a separate fanbase amongst the users.

Not only does it offer a stable internet connection, but also aids in optimized battery performance of the system (when compared to the connection with hotspot devices). However, there have been certain cases where the consumers have reported that their cellular data also gets consumed when connected to Wi-Fi!

Shocking, isn’t it? Do not worry, we will be decoding about ‘Does Wifi use data’ in detail in the blog for the day.

Why is cellular data used when connected to wifi ?

Yes, it is possible that when your Wi-Fi module is on, there would be chances that the device’s cellular data would also be on. The following points explain the possible reasons for it:

  • Sometimes, the internet speed gets enhanced with both cellular and Wi-Fi turned on and the former helps out in maintaining the connection with the internet, where the latter is very weak due to poor signals. This can happen within the house, as well as the case of using public Wi-Fi.
  • In iPhones, there is a feature of Wi-Fi assist, that allows the cellular data to get turned on automatically and aids in better performance of the Wi-Fi to which the device is connected. By default, it gets turned on in the settings and can always be turned off manually by the user.
  • In Android devices also, there is an advanced feature under Wi-Fi settings that allows automatic switching to mobile data. This happens in either of the two cases- the current Wi-Fi strength being very weak (either due to poor services of internet provider or currently using the public Wi-Fi) or there is no internet irrespective of the device being connected to Wi-Fi.

If your device is coming under any of these categories, then yes, there are high chances of the possibility of Wifi use data. Hope we have answered your question “does leaving wifi on use data”.

So why do you get charged When mobile data get used on wifi ?

If your cellular pack is a limited one i.e. offers a fixed amount of daily quota and post that, cuts off the speed like anything, then you would be billed for exceeding it. In any of these cases mentioned above, the mobile data is sure to get consumed and the primary cause is a high number of background apps running.

In case of the Wi-Fi getting disconnected frequently, the situation gets worse, as your device gets solely dependent on cellular data and unless you have booster packs to survive, the bill would get overwhelming for you.

How to Prevent Data Usage When you are connected to Wifi ?

The issue happens when the user is not aware of such switch-overs and goes under the presumption that it is the Wi-Fi signals that are offering the internet. Now that you have learned about the actual process, you can go for these precautionary steps to ensure that you do not fall into this problem:

  • On Android devices, go to Settings->Wi-Fi->Advanced->Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep->Turn on to always. If the same is kept at never, then the device would transition to a cellular pack when it goes to sleep.
  • On iPhone devices, go to Settings->Cellular->Wi-Fi Assist and then play with the settings of allowing the automatic switch over or not.
  • For a simpler solution, turn off the cellular data when the device is connected to Wi-Fi. Hence, even if you get disconnected from the latter, the former would never turn on automatically.

Thus, kudos to all of you who learned a new thing today about Wi-Fi and cellular data. Let us know of your queries and concerns in the comments section and they would be answered quickly.


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