Does “X” on SnapChat mean Blocked ? [ Lets see ]

Does "X" on SnapChat mean Blocked

Snapchat is the best photo-sharing app in the world, but it can also be one of the most difficult. Snapchat is easy to use for regular users, but it can be difficult to find all the features for new users.

Snapchat doesn’t provide any instructions when you first install it on iOS or Android. Snapchat offers a forum that allows you to learn about all the features and how to use them.

Snapchat may show an “X” icon next to your contact’s name in the Chat List if you’re new to Snapchat. Ever wondered what X means on Snapchat?

Many Snapchat users have been asking us what the X means on Snapchat. This article will provide all the information you need to figure out the meaning of Snapchat’s ‘X’.

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What does the ” X ” signify on Snapchat?

Snapchat’s meaning of “X” may differ. You may find an X mark in different parts of Snapchat.

The grey ‘X” icon may be found next to someone in the chat page, friend list, or on the chat page. Depending on the location of the ‘X” icon, the meaning could change.

If the X appears next Snapchat Chat user, it means that the person isn’t yet on your friend lists.

What does Grey X next Snapchat Name mean?

The ” X ” icon is placed beside a Snapchat username to indicate that the person has not been added to your friend lists. Allowing Snapchat access to your contacts will generally show all contacts who have signed up for Snapchat.

Even if they are not on your Snapchat friend list, it is possible for contacts to appear on Snapchat. A contact might not be your Snapchat friend, but they can still appear on Snapchat because they are in your contact list.

You may see people added to your Snapchat friend list through your contact book. On the Chat page you will see a grey X next to their name. Clicking on the X icon will let you block or report them.

To remove the “X” next to a Snapchat username, you can add these people. You can also block those people if you don’t wish to add them to your friend list.

What does X on Snapchat’s Friend list mean?

If you see X beside the contact name in the “Add Friends” screen, this means that you have not yet added the contact. Tap on the X button to remove the contact suggestion from Snapchat.

You will also see an ‘Add button’ beside the X. Clicking on the Add button will send the person an instant friend request.

If the ‘X” appears next to someone you were friends with previously, it could be that they have recently removed you or blocked you.

You can view the profile to see if you have the option to add the person to your friend list. If you see the “Add” button, it means that the contact has removed your Snapchat account.

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The camera icon will be replaced by an ‘X’ icon when you are removed from a friend’s list. To clear any chat you have with someone, block or report them, tap on the X icon.

The best and most effective way to remove the grey X from Snapchat is to add the person to your friends list. You can also block the person if they decline to be your friend.

The ‘X” icon next to the name will change to Camera if the person accepts your request. If you see the X icon next to the Snapchat name, but they have already been added to your friends list, you will need to clear the app cache.

How to add contacts to Snapchat?

To add snapchat friends, tap the Profile icon at top. Next, Tap ‘Add Friends’, followed by ’All Contacts’, and finally Tap “+” Add to add them to snapchat.

Is it possible to add someone on Snapchat with no number?

You can add people to Snapchat by using their snapchat username and QR code.


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