How to Enable or Disable Macros in Outlook ?

When it comes to a list of repeated tasks that the users have to conduct almost daily, they look for various shortcuts to prevent downtime. Macro is one of the tools to aid in the process.

A macro is a series of commands that can help in automating a repetitive task and runs whenever you are about to initiate that cycle of the process. These are the snippets of Visual Basic Code, that get embedded in the Microsoft Suite of tools and govern the overall user activity.

Therefore, it is very obvious of you to search for this facility even in Outlook (a pivotal thing for the majority of organizations around). Do not worry, as we have got it covered for you and would be discussing in detail enabling and disabling the macros on Outlook.

Enabling the Macros on Outlook 2019 and 365

With the recent versions of Outlook, it becomes easier to enable the macros on outlook 365 and outlook 2019 and and play with the device settings. Go for the given steps to do so:

  • Launch Outlook on your Windows PC or laptop and then go for Files->Options.
Enable Macros on Outlook
  • On the left panel, you can find the option for the Trust Centre. Open it and then go for the Trust Centre Settings button.
Outlook trust center
  • Under the next window, you can find the option for Macro Settings in the left pane.
enable macros in outlook
  • Select the option to Enable all macros and click on OK.

Thus, it becomes very easy and effortless to enable the macros on Outlook and automate the repetitive and monotonous jobs.

Enabling the Macros on Outlook 2010 and 2013

If you are using the older version of Microsoft Outlook, then also it is easy to control the macros. Just go for the steps given below:

  • Launch Outlook and then go for Files->Options.
  • Click on Trust Centre at the left panel and then go for the Trust Centre Settings option in the upcoming window.
  • Go for Macro Settings and then use the option to Enable all macros (not recommended: potentially dangerous code can run).
  • Hit on OK and close the settings.

Then close Outlook and relaunch it to find all of the macros enabled on the interface.

Enabling the Macros on Outlook 2007

Like the previous versions, the steps to enable macros on Outlook 2007 is almost similar. Just there is one difference- when you open the window for macro settings, you would find the option of No security check for Macros, instead of Enable All Macros. Hit on it and everything would fall into places.

Disabling the macros on Outlook

The macros may look helpful for repetitive tasks, but there are certain cases when you would not prefer having those. It can be either due to slowing down of the system or certain faulty macro affecting the overall performance.

In such cases, you can also choose to disable the macros. Just like the steps mentioned above, go all the way to the different options for Macro settings. Now, you can select either of the options:

  • Disable all macros without any notification.
  • Notifications on digitally signed macros, all other macros disabled.
  • Notification for all macros.

Select the one that goes the best fit for your situation and proceed accordingly. The last option would be a checkpoint to ensure that you do not end up selecting a faulty macro for the software.

With this, we conclude on our take for enabling and disabling macros on Outlook. Let us know in the comments section on any of your concerns and queries, and they would get answered instantaneously.


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