How to Turn On / Enable & Use Clipboard History on Windows 10 ?

Clipboard is undeniably key component of the computer’s operating system. In general clipboard can only hold one item, however useful it may be. Windows 10 allows you to enable clipboard history so you can browse and copy the 25 most recent items you have cut or copied.

This allows you to easily copy multiple items from the clipboard and paste them anywhere else.

It’s slightly more complicated on a Mac. You will need to install third-party apps to replicate the clipboard history feature.

Windows 10’s Clipboard history feature allows you to see the items you have clipboarded recently. You can simply press Windows+V. This will turn it on and allow you to view your clipboard history.

What is clipboard history on Windows 10 ?

Windows 10 now has a clipboard history feature that allows you to copy and paste the list of recent copied items into any program. It works in a similar way to Microsoft Word’s Spike, which allows you to cut and paste multiple items onto a enhanced clipboard.

How to Enable / Disable Clipboard history in Windows 10 ?

Enabling or Disabling Clipboard History on Windows 10 is very simple. If the Toggle is ON then the Clipboard History is enabled and if the Toggle is OFF then Clipboard History is disabled.

Lets see the step by step procedure to Turn on Clipboard History on Windows 10.

  1. Click on the start Button & Then click on Settings option.
Windows settings

Now Click on the system.

Click on “Clipboard” option which you can see in the navigation pane.

Now to Enable the Clipboard History , click on the toggle button just below Clipboard history. If the Toggle Button is “ON”, then the clipboard history is enabled.

Enable Clipboard History

Similarly if you want to disable or Turn off Clipboard History, then click on toggle button to make it “OFF”.

How to view Clipboard history on Windows ?

After the clipboard history has been enabled, you can view it at any time by pressing Windows + V in any program. A window will appear displaying the 25 most recent items copied or added to the clipboard.

How to Copy & Paste a Item from Clipboard History ?

If you want to copy any of the recent items visible on Clipboard then just click on it & paste it on any other application like Notepad or Word.

How to Delete a item from Clipboard History on Windows 10 ?

Are you looking to delete few items or Single item from Clipboard History then click on the “three dots” beside the item you wnt to delete. Clicking on it will result in a small popup window in which you can see “Delete” option. Just click on it to delete from Clipboard History.

Clipboard history on MAC

Unfortunately, Mac doesn’t support clipboard history like Windows. The most recent cut or copied item can be pasted.

Can’t Find Clipboard on Windows 10 ?

Windows 10 version 1809 was the first to introduce the clipboard App.

To check the Windows version Press windows + R and type “winver” and hit enter button

Check the below image to know more about Windows version.

Here on the image you can see that Windows version is 1803, so by default you cannot find “Clipboard” on windows 10.

As mentioned above if your windows 10 version is 1809 or more, then you can find Clipboard on Windows 10

To open the Clipboard App, press Windows Key + V .

Conclusion : Hope we have covered all the ways to enable Clipboard history on Windows 10. If you are still confused on using clipboard history, do let us know in the comments section.


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