How to Find Font on Website or Webpage [ Font Finder Tools for Website ] 2023

Find Font on Website : If you’ve ever wanted to determine the fonts that a website is using it’s just as easy browsing a site.

Since everything on the website’s content is processed by the browser you use, once you understand how to utilize your browser inspector in a proper manner, you can identify the fonts, images, CSS properties, and any other information on the page.

Have you ever discovered the ideal font for your site on a different website such as an image or blog but weren’t sure how to locate the name of the font? You’ve found the right resource. Here on this page we’ll guide you to find fonts on web pages to help to find the right font for your blog.

If you’re developing your website or creating your content online you’re always on search at ways of improving your site. It’s possible to do this in various ways. Selecting the ideal fond style is one the crucial think.

The font you select is used throughout your site and it can improve readability , but also improve the overall navigation. If your typography is professional and clear and understand, users are more likely stick around on your website. The fonts we use are often not noticed, but they can make a huge impact.

How can you recognize / Find fonts from a Website or WebPage ?

1.) With browser’s inspector Tool

When using Chrome or Firefox you can do this by clicking on the right and choosing “Inspect.” [ Keyboard short cut is Ctrl+Shift+I for Windows ].

Browser inspect tool

Go to the element with the font you’re interested in. It’s as easy as selecting “Inspect” on the element .

When you’ve found the right element, go to “Computed” tab in the inspector and scroll to the attribute font-family. What you see is the font for the element.

Font Detector Tools for Pdf Files

Best Chrome Browser Extensions to check Fonts on a Blog page

2.) Online tools for identifying fonts on a site or Webpage


If you prefer to utilize the browser extension, Fontanello is the perfect tool to find fonts on any site. Just install the Fontanello extension in Chrome as well as Firefox and turn it on.

To find fonts on a website, click on a text with a right-click and select an option called Fontanello option. This dropdown will reveal the font family along with its design and variants.

b) What the Font

This online tool allows you to add any photo, then analyzes the text on the image and informs the font used.

To do this, visit this website and transfer or upload the image to the program (make sure it’s of JPG or PNG format.)

After that, you will need to define the cropping box for the text and the tool will provide you with the appropriate font for the text.

Additionally, WhatTheFont also provides you with sites where you can purchase the fonts, and allows you to try the fonts using your own text.

In this way, you can look up fonts by looking at images or screenshots. In addition, it comes with an app for mobile devices which you can use to locate fonts using your phone as well.

Above mentioned easy & simple ways to find font from a web page. We have not listed out all the online font finder tools. In out previous articles we have covered the list. Just through it once to get complete font detector tools list. Any queries & suggestions are invited.

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