How to Find Fonts from a Pdf ? [ Pdf Font Finder Tools ]

Find Fonts from PDF : In a PDF document there are basically two ways in which text can be displayed. One method is to include the text into the file and another option is display it in an image.

In any the case, it’s easy to identify which fonts were employed within the file. If it’s embedded into the file, you can remove the fonts in the file by using the online tools.

Fonts can be the difference between the reading experience of readers. One of the best places to look for new fonts is PDF documents. Many prefer using attractive fonts that ensure that the document is enjoyable to read.

Best Chrome Extensions to Find Fonts from image & Documents

How to recognize & Detect fonts in PDF ?

There are many ways to detect fonts with in the pdf file. But after our extensive we came out with two simple & best solutions. First one is “Font finder online tools to detect font in the pdf” and second one is through Adobe Acrobat reader.

Detect Font using a pdf file online tools

a) Extract Pdf Fonts

pdf fonts extractor
  • Create a PDF file locally as well as extract embeded TrueType fonts from the pdf file.
  • Select on the “Choose File” button , a browse window will pop up, choose the locally-based Adobe PDF file and click the “Open” button.
  • Click the “Extract Now!” button to extract images. Take a couple of seconds for the extraction process to be completed.
  • You can access or download the final images on your browser after conversion. There is no email address needed to download files.

b) What the Font

  • The idea of downloading a separate PDF reader application to find fonts isn’t exactly an excellent idea.
  • WhatTheFont utilizes deep learning to analyze our vast collection of over 133,000 font styles to discover the most appropriate match for the fonts you have in your image.
  • After you’ve uploaded your image, you are able to further refine the search term or word If you haven’t done this. Click the blue arrow to begin the process after you’ve finished selecting.
  • There is now the fonts you can select from. You can also type in your own text and test how it appears when paired with the font type you have selected.


extract pdf

If you’re in search of an online solution since you don’t want to install any software on your PC, then this platform i.e. is able to extract plain text, pages images, and attachments from PDF files without losing the original quality.

Additionally it is also possible to use this application to embed and recognize the type of font within PDF files online. It removes the text from the document in order to quickly identify which fonts were used.

Maximum File size you can upload with is tool is 25 mb. Thats the catch. In most of the cases pdf files won’t be more size , so you need not worry.

Apart from the above mentioned online tools to find fonts, there are a myriad of online tools for this goal.

2) Adobe Acrobat Reader

With all the features that Adobe Acrobat gives Who would have thought that it could also recognize the fonts in PDF? Yes that’s correct.

This well-known application can save you time while checking the fonts utilized on the page.

This way it is not necessary to install a third-party application because it’s already included within its core features. It’s a very cost-effective application for everything connected to PDF.

The PDF file can be opened using Adobe Acrobat Reader and either use the keys Ctrl+D or click File to choose Properties. You can also right-click anyplace in the PDF file to choose the option Properties.

In the Fonts tab, you’ll be able to view a complete list of the fonts in the PDF document.

If you’re looking to pick a piece of text, and then determine the font on the PDF, you’ll require Acrobat DC Pro. It isn’t cost-free.

Hope the above given information on finding fonts in a pdf file is useful for you. Any suggestions & queries please do let us know in the comments section.

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