How to Find my Lost Chromebook ? [ Chromebook Tracker ] [ Find my Chromebook Location]

Locate Lost Chromebook : As the world progresses into the technological field, the vicious elements of the society are also gaining the best out of it. Data theft, identity theft, and even physical stealing of the devices have become the regular newspaper headlines and steps are being taken by both the police as well as the individuals to track the stolen belongings and prevent the thieves from making any malicious use out of these. Similarly, in the unfortunate event of losing your Chromebook, you can go for the different techniques to locate Chromebook and even possibly catch the culprit. In the blog, we would be covering up on this topic.

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Using Google account for tracking Lost Chromebook

The first thing that you need to know is that you can track your lost Chromebook by your Google account. Follow these steps to execute the entire process:

  1. Sign in to your Google account on a different device.
  2. Go to the Security option on your account and visit the section of ‘Your Devices’ that shows a list of all of the devices to which you had logged in recently from the same account.
  3. Under Manage devices option in the section, select your stolen Chromebook.
  4. It will open up a separate page showing the different details on that device. Due to the pin-point accuracy of Google in determining the device locations, you can exactly find the coordinates of the current location of your stolen device.
  5. Using your device IP address, you can also track all of the recent activities that were attempted on it.
  6. For extreme reasons, you can select to sign out of this device and disconnect it permanently from your account. As a result, no one would be able to mis-utilize your credentials for their benefits.

In case if you do not want to disconnect the device permanently, you can instead choose to disable it from your list of devices. Since the basic functionality of a Chromebook is based on the Google account, hence disabling it would ensure that the device would stay unusable. The only way that the thief would resort to is full recovery and this process might put him or her under the radar.

Chromebook Tracker : Establishing a remote connection

It is good news to you that Google has updated the Chrome OS with a feature of the remote location, using which you can stay connected to your Chromebook despite being physically far from it. Thus, after setting up your new Chromebook it is highly recommended to setup the remote connection also by the following steps:

  1. Go to on your Chromebook and click on the option of ‘Get Support’.
  2. A new window would come up to prompt you for adding Chrome Remote Desktop as an extension to Google Chrome. Complete this process and get it installed successfully.
  3. On the completion of this process, an access code would be displayed on the Remote Desktop Window.
  4. Use another device of your choice and go to the same link as in step 1.
  5. Now click on ‘Give Support’ and enter the code in the next prompt.
  6. Confirm your decision and you would get connected to the Chromebook remotely.

Thus, in this manner, you can set up a remote connection with your device to find lost chromebook. This precautionary step can be used very effectively in the future in cases of such unfortunate incidents.


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