Find Who Unfollowed You on Instagram [ Unfollowgram]

Like most social media platforms; the number of followers you have on Instagram is an indicator of your popularity and your extent of reach-out. You can effortlessly know the number of people following you on the platform. But sometimes you see the number diminishing instead of increasing. It is as if someone gave you a cold shoulder. Hence, it is natural that you would like to know who unfollowed you. Unfortunately, this number does not appear on the site or app.

The good news is that you can easily find out who unfollowed you on Instagram. Here, we would walk through a few methods to know about your unfollows and even talk about what to do with them. Stay hooked!

Manual Method to Find Who unfollowed me on Instagram

There are two ways by which you can track down the list of users unfollowing you. We would first throw light on the manual method.

Foremost, you locate the user you want to track the information for. Next, you browse to that user’s profile. Here, you would find a tab, ‘following’ at the top right. Click on it. It will give you the list of all the profiles that the user is following. If you do not feature in the list; it is easy to surmise that the person has unfollowed you.

The Analytics App | Technological Method to Know who Unfollowed you on Insta

The manual method might be simple but is cumbersome. You can neither remember all your followers nor can go to each profile and check them. It is also difficult to scan your list of followers from your profile and pin down specifically who has unfollowed you. In this scenario, the analytics app comes to your rescue.

Analytics apps are specifically designed to give you insights into all that information that is not provided by the Instagram app itself. You need to download and install them on your mobile phones and log into them using your Instagram account.

However, Instagram saw this extent of access to its user’s account as a breach of privacy. To counteract; it became stringent with its API which led many of these analytics apps useless. Only a few quality apps managed to overcome the odds and survived despite the changes in Instagram’s API.

  • Unfollowgram

One of the most reliable and popular utility tools to know about who unfollowed you is the Unfollowgram. It is a third-party tool that is quite legitimate and has tons of users.

The app will give you updates about

  • Who unfollowed you on Instagram?
    • Users that you are following but they are not following you back.
    • You would also know of users who are following you but you are not following them back.
    • You would also have an option to manage your followers and profiles that you are following. You can easily add/delete according to your preferences.

How to use Unfollowgram

The best thing about Unfollowgram is that you can access it on any device with an internet connection. It works on all operating systems as you simply need to visit the website and access your account for further action. The steps to be followed are:

  • First, browse to the website and click on the option, ‘Sign in With Instagram.’
    • A new page will pop up. Use your Instagram username and password to sign in your account.
    • When asked, permit Unfollowgram to access your account.
    • A new screen will pop up which will ask you to authorize the Unfollowgram to access your basic information and follow/unfollow users. You need to click on the authorize tab.
    • Finally, you will be asked to provide your email address to Unfollowgram to let you know of any updates and account changes.
    • Once done, a new page will appear with options given as tabs. They would be “who unfollowed me; who doesn’t follow me back; who I don’t follow back; your followers; who follows you.”
    • It must be noted that you would see the list of people who unfollowed you only from the date you signed up with Unfollowgram. You will not be able to track any unfollows before you signed up with the tool.
  • You would also have the option to follow or unfollow anyone from the lists. This makes your job tons easier.

What to do When you know your list of Unfollows

Once you know who had unfollowed you; you have two options. First, you can forgive and forget them and try to woo new followers.

However, if you need to woo them back for business reasons or otherwise; you need to pull up your socks and spend time and energy in following them, liking and commenting on their photos and getting them to notice you back.

Final words

Well, that wraps up the thing for us. We hope you liked the information. Do share it with others and never forget to let us know your comments in the section below! We would love to hear from you and appreciate any feedback.


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