How to Fix Airpods Blinking or Flashing Orange Issue ?

Airpods flashing & blinking light

Innovation and technology always run synonymous with each other. Humans are never satisfied with one particular concept and look for either improvisation on the same or creation of another breakthrough one. Something similar was done by Apple a few years ago when it introduced the models of Airpods in the market.

Listening to the music with earphones that do not have cords! Yes, the concept itself is very alluring to hear. And keeping up with this, Apple decided to make the lives of the people easier, who often complained about earphones getting tangled in the bags or the same requiring frequent maintenance.

Even Airpods are also not full proof and prone to certain issues. One of these is the blinking of orange light during usage. Do not worry as we have got all of these covered in today’s blog. Read on to find more.

Understanding the lights in Airpods

The basic purpose of the introduction of lighting series in Airpods is to ensure the optimal health of the battery and alert the users when the same is getting lower. The following nomenclature elucidates in detail the terminologies followed:

  1. Solid orange light when the Airpods are in the case indicates the charging status of the pieces.
  2. Solid green light in the charging case indicates that the Airpods are fully charged.
  3. Solid orange light when the Airpods are not in the case indicates that the airpods have one less than full recharge left.
  4. Solid green light when the Airpods are not in the case indicates that the airpods have at least one full recharge left.
  5. Solid orange light when the airpods case is connected to an external charger indicates that the case is getting charged. Airpods in it would also get charged accordingly.
  6. Solid green light when the airpods case is connected to the charger indicates that the case is fully charged and ready to be used.
  7. A white blinking light indicates that the pair is reset and ready to be paired with another device.
  8. Orange blinking light shows that there is a pairing error with the device and thus needs to be reset again.
  9. No blinking light indicates zero percent battery and thus needs to be recharged again before using.

Fixing up the Orange light issue on Airpod

If your Airpods are showing the issue of Orange blinking light, then there is nothing much to worry about. Just follow the steps given below to pair them again with the device:

  1. Launch the Settings icon on your device.
  2. Go to Bluetooth and surf the way down till you find your Airpods name on the list.
  3. Hit on ‘i’ present near the name of the icon.
  4. Hit on Forget the Device option and confirm it. As a result, it would get removed from the list of paired devices.
  5. Insert the Airpods back in the case and close the cover of the same.
  6. Release the Airpods again from the case and hold the reset button at the back of it until the white blinking light comes. This means that the airpods are reset and ready to be paired again.
  7. Now, go to the home screen of the iOS device. A setup animation would pop up about linking the new Airpods.
  8. Hit on Connect and confirm the same.

Hence, the connection is established again and you can enjoy the streaming of music effortlessly.

Some additional settings

Apart from resolving this issue, certain other features of the Airpods can be enjoyed easily. The following explains the same in detail:

  1. You can set your name for the Airpods, to avoid any confusion in getting connected to someone else’s pair. Just go to Settings->Bluetooth->Airpods->i option->Name. Hit on it and you can change it easily.
  2. Unlike other iOS devices, Airpods can easily be paired with Android devices, like phones and tablets. Just open up the case and hit on the reset button to allow the white blinking light. Then go to Bluetooth and create the new pairing with Airpods.

Just keep in mind that certain features would not work when Airpods are connected to Android (ex: no double-tap, no automatic disconnection when the piece is removed from ear).

  • The Airpods can also be set as microphones to automatically answer the incoming calls. Go to the Bluetooth settings and you can enable the same very easily.
  • If you want to save the battery of your Airpods, then you can always select to listen from a single earpiece. Just keep the other one in the case and the Bluetooth settings would automatically get connected to the other one in the ear.
  • Apple has also provided the option to track the lost Airpods (in case if it slips out of the ears unintentionally). Just download the app ‘Find my iPhone’ from the Apple Store and it would aid in finding the Airpods also, along with the device.

With this, we conclude on our take of resolving such an issue in the Airpods. Let us know your queries or suggestions in the comments section. =


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