Learn How to Fix “Bluetooth Option Missing From Action Center” Issue in Windows PC ?

In General you can have easy access to Bluetooth Option in Windows 10 Action Center. But in this article we are dealing with a minor error in Windows i.e “Bluetooth Option Missing From Action Center”.

There are some tricks that you can follow to enable to get Bluetooth option back into Action Center.

Many users are complaining that they are unable to enable or remove Bluetooth within Action Center even though their Bluetooth connection is functioning properly.

Most of the users reported that they have noticed the Bluetooth icon has disappeared along alongside the Action Center icon that is associated with it.

Fix “Bluetooth Option Missing From Action Center” Issue .

Check Whether Your Device Supports Bluetooth

If you don’t see the option of adding Bluetooth in the Action Center quick list, your device may not be able to support Bluetooth. Here’s how you can determine whether Bluetooth is properly installed for your gadget:

Use the Windows key + I to open the Settings panel. Click on Devices.

Windows Bluetooth settings

If your Bluetooth menu as well as other apps are visible, then your device is compatible with Bluetooth technology.

Windows Bluetooth Settings

If Bluetooth isn’t on the list, you’ll have to purchase an Bluetooth adapter.

Quick Actions Menu

Quick Actions menu, which provides shortcuts to the most important settings.

Use the Windows key + A to open the Action Center

Action center

If you have multiple alerts Windows 10 needs to display it will collapse to the Quick Actions menu to save space. To see all shortcuts that are available within the Action Center menu expand it by clicking Expand.

Bluetooth could be missing from Action Center because not all shortcuts are turned on by default. Or, you might have turned off the Bluetooth shortcut in error.

Look into Bluetooth settings

Even if your notification and settings for actions are set correctly however, you must verify for your Bluetooth settings.

Press Windows + I to Open Settings Page where you can find Devices Option.

Click on the “Devices” option and Scroll down to find “More Bluetooth options.” under Related Settings Tab.

more bluetooth options

Choose the Options tab, then make sure to check the box that says Show Bluetooth icon in the notification area.

show bluetooth icon in notification area

You will see another option “Restore Default”.

Turn off Fast Booting :

Fast start-up speeds up the boot-up process, which means that Windows 10 takes less time to begin. However, it could cause problems for programs running at the beginning of each day, so it may be best to switch off this feature.

Start –> Settings –> System.

Go to—> Power and sleep.

Go to — > Additional Power Settings, then click on ” Choose what the Power button Does”

turn off fast startup
power option does

Select the settings to change that aren’t currently available.

Unchecked “Turn on Fast Startup”

Run Bluetooth Troubleshooter :

The troubleshooter’s use is enough to resolve many issues that affect Bluetooth function.

Start –> Settings —> Update, and then Security.

Click Troubleshoot > Additional Troubleshooters.

From the Find and Find & Other Problems menu, press Bluetooth > Run Troubleshooter.

Bluetooth Troubleshooter

This Bluetooth Troubleshooter will fix all identified issues in a timely manner. Once the process has been completed reboot your laptop.

Conclusion :

I hope you loved the article. How to Fix ‘Bluetooth Option missing from Action Center Problem’ in Windows 10 PC.


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