How to Fix Chromebook Keyboard not working error ?

General reasons for Keyboard Functioning failure on Chromebook: Electronics devices are always prone to unexpected failures or errors and thus one needs to assess the problem from all aspects. Similarly, many times the users also complain against the problem of their Chromebook keyboard getting Locked. There can be different reasons for this technical fault as mentioned below:

  1. Some application slowing down the system and thus hindering the keyboard functioning
  2. Failure of the keyboard hardware
  3. Some bug or issue in the keyboard driver causing the keys to stopping displaying the output
  4. Wiring or circuital error within the board

The hardware issues can be solved by taking the Chromebook to a qualified technician. However, the other errors can be solved easily by you guys only and we are covering the same today in our blog.

Fix Chromebook Keyboard not Working Error : Choices of solutions

This issue of Chromebook keyboard getting Locked can be solved by either of the ways mentioned below:

Resetting the Chromebook

This step involves turning off the Chromebook completely and then pressing both the refresh and power buttons simultaneously for roughly ten seconds. The buttons can be released after the Chromebook turns on. It is the handiest and easy troubleshooting method and often returns the desired results.

Basic Troubleshooting

These basic troubleshooting practices include either powering off the device for about two minutes and then restarting to remove the residual power within it that might keep the device running, disconnecting all kinds of devices connected to the Chromebook or removing all kinds of drives from it.

This troubleshooting has been effective in certain cases where the previous method did not work.

Advanced Troubleshooting

When all of the above methods stop working, then you can anticipate that something serious might have happened and thus you can move up to these advanced steps for troubleshooting:

  • Sometimes the issue might lie with the data stored in the Chrome browser that might be affecting the functionality of the keyboard. In that case, all you can do is go to Advanced Settings , Reset and Cleanup Section, Reset Settings icon. This would bring the browser back to the default state and after restarting the system, the issue of keyboard locking would get resolved.
  • The next advanced option would be going for the Powerwash option to remove all of the background programs running on the Chromebook. All you need to do is sign out the Google account from your Chromebook and then call the Powerwash dialog box by Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift+ R together [ a chromebook keyboard Shortcut ]. This would clear up the clutter and your keyboard might start working after. Do not worry, the data would not be lost as you have signed out of your Google account.
  • The last resort that would come is resetting of the Embedded Controller of the Chromebook. It can be done by keeping the device ON, removing the power cord out of it, removing the battery from it in the same condition for about ten seconds, and then reinserting the battery. This ensures that the driver or software behind the keyboard functioning would get restarted and the issue of locking would get resolved.

Thus, based on the complexity of your issue, you can try any of these methods. To avoid it from popping out soon again, keep clearing out your background processes from time to time and sign in and out from the Chromebook at regular intervals.


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