What is COM Surrogate ? How to Fix COM Surrogate High CPU or Disk Usage Windows 10 / 11 ?

COM Surrogate can be described as a fundamental Windows 10/11 process, so any issues with it will create some problems to Windows users.
COM Surrogate can be described as a procedure within Windows Task Manager which helps to run extensions of software that other programs require to run. Although this procedure is quite useful, COM Surrogate itself might occasionally fail to function properly. COM Surrogate’s high utilization of disks or CPU is among the more frequent problems.

How to Fix COM Surrogate Issue in Windows ? { Different Ways }

a) With SFC Scanning

SFC is a useful built-in Windows tool that is devoted to analyzing corrupted system file in order to repair them and replace them with a synchronized version of the original file. To do so:

Enter cmd into the search box, then locate the Command Prompt and right-click to select Run as Administrator.

In the black screen , enter the command sfc scannow and press enter. After that, the system will test the authenticity of each operating system program on your computer, so you must wait for it to be completed.

b) Run DISM

To fix COM surrogate’s excessive CPU usage, the Deployment Image Management and Servicing is an effective solution.

  • Start the the Command Prompt and then run it as administrator.
  • Copy and paste the command below and click enter.
  • DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

c) Run a scan using Antivirus Software

If your PC is attacked by viruses or malware, COM Surrogate’s excessive CPU use Windows 10 may also occur. To avoid unfortunate situations such as this, it is essential to run a scan using an Antivirus software. There are many Anti Virus Software’s available in the market like Kaspersky , McAfee , AVG Antivirus etc.

  • Press Windows + I in order to launch Windows Settings.
  • Scroll down to select Update and Security.
  • In Windows Update, click “Virus and threat protection” >> manage settings.
  • Turn on Real-time security.

There are many applications and files that operate in the background, making it easier for systems to run effectively. However, very few are aware of these applications and the ways they work and how they benefit our system’s performance. One of the most important file among the list is COM Surrogate.
There are a variety of causes that could be the cause of Com Surrogate error like Older software, Older Codecs and Malware.

We have already covered complete ideas on how to deal with COM Surrogate issues on Windows 10.

Windows Keyboard Shortcut for Snipping Tools [ Inbuilt Windows Tool ]

Potential Threats Caused By COM Surrogate Virus

It’s a virus that can be harmful because it attempts to interfere with the functioning of the system and allowing users’ sensitive data to be vulnerable. It’s an Trojan virus. Someone with malicious intent generally installs these types to track the actions of the user. They also take sensitive data.

The virus is associated with the file “Dllhost.exe” and the pop-up for this error reads “COM surrogate has stopped working”. The virus can damage your data in a variety of ways.

This virus could let hackers gain access to your computer remotely, making their lives easier monitor your actions , and even cause damage to your information.

The virus could also create the backdoor to your system to allow hackers to use, which could permit the hacker to enter your system, bypassing the Security firewall by using the backdoor created in the system by this virus.

Note : Do not try to delete the COM surrogate files manually because it may harm the system.

Hope We have covered all the information on Com Surrogate Process , errors and how to recover from the issues related to Com Surrogate.


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