Fix Error Code 16: This Request Was Blocked By The Security Rules [

A message stating “error code 16 This request was blocked by security rules” typically occurs when visiting specific websites. The message stops visitors from accessing the website which causes them to be frustrated.

It doesn’t matter how speedy your internet connection is, If it’s not allowing you to access your most-loved websites, it’s not of any use.

We’ve received several messages from our users concerning an error message with code 16. Therefore, we’ve taken the decision to investigate possible error messages.

How To Resolve Error Code 16 [ Access denied error 16 ]

It reads “error code 16″ indicates that this request was blocked by security regulations”. Error code 16 is typically displayed when the ISP blocks the website.

At times, Antivirus tools and firewalls block websites and cause the error message. Security rules prevented the request rules. Therefore, in this article, we’re going to discuss the most effective ways to resolve “error code 16″ where security rules have blocked the request rules.”

Different Ways to Fix Error Code 16 :The Security Rules blocked this Request.

Make sure you check the date and time.

Incorrect time and date settings on Windows PC also trigger errors such as “error code 16: this request was denied by security regulations”. This happens because of an incompatibility between SSL validation date and System clock.
In this case it is necessary to verify the date and time to correct the error message. Right-click on the taskbar , and select ‘Adjust Date & Time. Then, under “Date & Time” Settings, click on “Date & Time” Settings ensure that you adjust the settings as necessary.

Try visiting the site using a different device.

If you’re experiencing Error code 16 while you are on your preferred website, you must access the same site from different devices. Sometimes, your computer isn’t properly configured or another program may block the internet connection. In this case it is important to figure out if the issue is due to the internet or your computer.

Try with a different device within your network and go to the site. If you do not receive errors from another device You must check the configuration of your computer.

Update Your Operating System

Microsoft releases updates to their Windows operating system in order to fix glitches and bugs. If you have an old version of Windows operating system, glitches could also trigger Error Code 16. These are the steps for updating to the latest version of Windows operating system that you have installed on your PC:

  • The first step is to start by opening first the Settings screen on your computer. It is done using the Windows Key and “I” button simultaneously.
  • After the settings window is open at the top of your display, select “Update and Security.” A new window will be opened.
  • On the following window, click “Check for updates.” In the event that there’s updates, your computer will download them on the background and install them while the computer is running.

Reset Your Web Browser

Sometimes, outdated browsers or the incorrect settings for your browser also results in errors like “error code 16”. Therefore, in this case, users will need to reset their browser in order to fix this error.

Resetting your Chrome browser is simple .

Users need to go to Settings > Advanced Options. Under Advanced Options, find the option to restore Settings to their default settings’.

Then, click the ‘Reset your browser‘ settings option.

After that, you can restart your browser to correct your error.

Turn Off Your Antivirus & Firewall

As we’ve already discussed earlier, in some instances, it happens that the Antivirus software or Firewall block the traffic that is coming in which can result in “error code that security rules prevented this request.” To solve this issue, users have to turn off the Antivirus program as well as Firewall rules.

You can turn off the Antivirus software by removing it from the taskbar. To turn off Firewall navigate into the Control Panel and disable the Firewall in your Firewall settings. After that restart your computer to resolve the “error code 16”.

Try using VPN

We all know that the error code security rule that block this request when an ISP block the site you’re trying to access. In order to get around certain restrictions, users will need to use the help of a VPN application. With an VPN you are able to conceal the IP Address and access the website that is blocked.

VPN offers additional advantages like it secures your internet traffic and blocks trackers. If the other methods did not work to correct this error error you have to test VPN software.

Contact your ISP

The VPN method described above should resolve your issue with the “error code 16”.If you’re receiving the error message that says security rules have blocked the request,’ you should call your ISP. It is best to ask your ISP to investigate the problem.

Deleting LAN Proxy Server

If the system was recently attacked through viruses or malware the computer may have been affected by malware or viruses. They could have changed the personal LAN settings. This could also be the cause of Error Code 16. Here are the steps to solve Error Code 16 using a local area network Proxy server:

  1. Within the Search Box on the taskbar In the Taskbar, type in “Internet Options” and then open the browser to display it.
  2. When it appears that the Internet Options window opens, move on the tab Connections, and select the LAN Settings. It will then open in a brand new window.
  1. The new screen is an option that says “Use an external proxy server to your network.” Users must be sure that there’s no check beside the option. In the event that there’s a checkmark, the user must uncheck the box.

If the proxy settings are creating issues that cause Error Code 16 then the following steps will show you how to solve Error Code 16 issues in this scenario.

Hope the above mentioned ways may guide you in solving error code 16 issue. Still if you are unable to resolve the issue, then please do let us know the comments section.


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