How to Fix the issue of Outlook emails stuck in outbox?

Outlook email stuck in outbox

The professional mailbox : When it comes to the use of mailboxes or applications in the professional world, nothing can beat the position of Microsoft Outlook. Its wide array of features makes things very convenient for the employees and allows effective handling of the messages. Organization of regular work, scheduling up the meetings, setting reminders are a few of the great things done by Outlook.

Under all of these silver linings are certain clouds of inconvenience often faced by the users. It is the stuck up of emails in the Outbox of the application. Many times, this enhances the processing period of the emails and you keep receiving subsequent error messages also.

Therefore, do not worry as we have got this covered and would discuss in detail different troubleshooting methods related to it.

Primary Reason why Outlook emails Stuck in Outbox

The following are the common reasons for which you can find this pertinent issue of emails getting stuck on the Outbox:

  • Very large attachments in the emails put a halt to the overall email getting processed.
  • Problems in the mail server getting connected to the internet.
  • Certain add-ins of the software delaying the process.
  • The account is not being authenticated by the primary server.
  • Scanning by an anti-virus program, thus preventing the files before the complete quarantine.
  • Outlook being used with another program.

By a combination of these issues, the result of email stuck comes up and thus you can go for the upcoming troubleshooting methods to resolve the issue.

Simple Tricks to Fix Out Emails Stuck in Outbox issue

As a first-hand action, you can go for the following steps or methods to resolve the issue at the root level:

  • Checking for any error message popping up while sending the files due to poor connection between the app and the server.
  • Updating of the ports by the mail service providers, often causing the end moment challenges and issues.
  • Ensuring that the mails in Outlook have not been put under the option of delayed sending by mistake (thus creating the clutter on Outbox).
  • Ensuring the status of Outlook from the bottom right side of the screen (i.e. connected to the primary server).
  • Troubleshooting the internet connection to determine the speed that might hamper the process.
  • Going to the Send/Receive tab and try resending all of the emails. You can see the status in another dialog box and wait for some time for the mails to get cleared.

If any of these first methods do not work, then switch to the higher alternatives.

Ensuring that Outlook is online

If the status of Outlook at the bottom shows either disconnected or trying to connect, then you can find the root cause of the messages not getting delivered. Just check your internet connection and ensure that it is offering sufficient bandwidth to the Office 365 server for the efficient functioning of Outlook. Try reconnecting the connection in case of issues.

Check the size of the attachment

In various cases, the sizes of the attachment play as the primary culprit. It means that they are the ones causing major issues in the processing of the overall emails. Sometimes, you may exceed the allowable size per mail unintentionally and discover the same on Outbox. Therefore, you can delete the message from there and send the attachments in different small emails.

Resending from the Outbox

If the Outlook settings are configured in a way that the messages cannot go forward without getting checked from Outbox, then you have to apply this method. Go to the Outbox and manually select each of the emails for getting resent.

Changing the password

In some of the cases, the password incompatibility of the email address and Outlook file can also cause such issues. Therefore, to ensure that they are synchronized, go for the following steps:

  • Open Outlook and go for File->Account Settings.
  • Highlight the account whose password needs to change and click on the option.
  • Select the new password and click on Finish to complete the process.

Alternatively, you can go for changing the password of the Outlook file in the following steps:

  • Open Outlook and right-click on the email account.
  • GO for Data File Properties->Advanced->Change Password.
  • Enter the old and new passwords and confirm the changes.
  • Click OK to exit from the window.

Resorting to OST conversion tool

In some of the cases, you can go playing with the OST files of the emails to try for the Inbox Repair Tool. Just use the OST to PST converter tool to split the large files into smaller attachments as per the user requirement. Take the help of your IT expert to ensure that the process is done.

With this, we conclude on the various methods to troubleshoot the issues faced during the stuck up of emails at the Outbox. Let us know of your concerns and queries on either of these methods.


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