How to Fix “Why isn’t my Phone Charging issue” ?

The unpredictability : Electronics devices are a mystery in their ways. Understanding their behavior at regular intervals is interesting, as well as a tough nut to crack. Something similar is also observed in the case of the charging mechanism of any mobile device.

You may think of the process to be an easy one- simple plugging and unplugging of the charging cable to the power source. But, owing to the internals of the device, there might be cases where all of a sudden your phone stops getting charged. You might not have done anything intentionally, but it behaves in this fashion.

Not to worry, we have got it covered for you. The upcoming content of the blog discusses in further detail this issue and the respective troubleshooting techniques.

Different Ways to Fix Phone Not Charging Issue

Checking up the charger condition

The first thing that needs to be done is to check up the condition of the mobile charger. It has two basic components- a charging adapter and charging cable. Check for either of these signs:

  • The adapter pins being bent due to forceful removal and inserting into the power supply.
  • Wear and tear or flexing on the cable due to irregular insert angles in the charging port.

In any of these signs, it would be a perfect indication that the faulty charger is the culprit and thus needs to be replaced as a priority.

Rebooting the phone

In case if the charger condition is fine, then you can go for the troubleshooting of the device. Often it might be the case that there is some minor issue in the device and can be resolved by a simple reboot.

Thus, either restart the device or power it off completely and then turn on. It kills all of the background activities of the device and refreshes the core unit of the device. Alternatively, you can also go for the deletion of the third-party apps that are not registered with the app store and might be causing the issue in the first place.

Cleaning up the charging port

With regular usage, it can often happen that dust, dirt, and debris gets collected within the charging port lining. It causes interference with the engagement of the pin and thus prevents the cycle. If you do not resolve it on a timely basis, then it might lead to permanent damage to the port.

Thus go for these steps to clean out the port:

  1. Turn off the device to ensure safety during the process.
  2. Use a flashlight to have a look at the internals of the port.
  3. In case of clogging by the dirt, use smaller and softer materials to clean it out.
  4. Check up with the connectivity by plugging in the cable and seeing for any interference.
  5. Alternatively, if you face any difficulty in cleaning up the port, then it is highly recommended to take up professional help and get the process done.

Charging the phone in safe mode

As described earlier also, there might be certain third-party apps that cause the problem in the first place and you do not know the exact one. To detect the same, there is a security provision provided by the developers of Android i.e. Safe Mode.

Refer to the respective website of the manufacturer to understand the shortcut buttons to enter the device into safe mode. After this, you can then plug in your charger to the power source and check the status.

In case if it works, then you would get the hint of the latest app installation that would be causing the problem. Immediately delete it and then move ahead with the usage.

Checking up the charger accessories

This step would come up only when you are not able to witness any physical damage on the charger. It can be broken down into either of the two steps:

  • Removing the cable from the adapter and then connecting the same to any of the alternative power sources like PC or Power bank.
  • Using a different charging cable with the adapter.

In the first case, if the phone gets charged with PC or Power Band, then there is some internal circuit issue of the adapter. Thus, you need to replace the same immediately. It is always recommended to go for the original brand to avoid any future complications.

In the second case, the fault lies in the charging cable and there might be some wire within that would have been cut off. Thus go for immediate replacement with the one either coming from the original manufacturer or trusted third-party sources by the brand.

Running up a software update

If you are running with an older version of the device OS, then it is time to get it upgraded to the latest one. As a result, all of the bugs in the previous one would get fixed and you would be able to run the charging process smoothly on the device.

In the otherwise case, if the problem started only after the latest update, then you might consider rolling back to the older version. Refer to the website or blogs from the brand to check on the methodology of rolling back to the previous version.

Replacing the battery

If you own the older models of the mobile phones that have a removable battery, then you can open it up to check the condition of the same. In case of any visible swellings on it, you can deduce the possibility of it having reached the required age of power.

Thus, you can straightaway opt for replacing it and getting a new one to resolve the issue.

Taking up expert help

If none of these tips and tricks work, then the last resort lies in going to the expert help. Visit the nearby service centers that have been authorized by the brand and get them to have a look and diagnostics on the device. The appropriate actions can be taken based on the results of these tests.

With this, we conclude on our take of resolving the issue. Let us know if you have any further queries in the comments section.


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