How to fix the issue of Spotify Web Player not Working ?

Spotify is gaining new wind amongst music fans. Known for its wide base of global artists, you can easily find your tunes under the platform and stay bugged to it for eternity. And fun fact- it is a global application and can thus be played irrespective of your location.

Spotify Web Player not working error

Recently, the platform moved from a simple app version to a browser version, that is popularly called Spotify Web Player. Though it gives up the pleasure of listening to your favorite artists while working on laptops or PC, it has been receiving several complaints from the users.

The majority of these being not starting up properly or stopping after some duration of the track. Therefore, the upcoming content discusses in further detail the troubleshooting of these issues effectively.

Spotify Web Player URL : Click here

The probable reasons of Spotify Web Player Not Working

Some of the probable reasons for Spotify Web Player not working include the following:

  • Incompatibility of the website with the current browser version.
  • Blocking by the Firewall settings of the system.
  • Cache data of the browser not allowing a fresh run.
  • Location settings of the device.

Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working Issue

Open Spotify Web Player in Incognito Mode

Many times, it happens that either the cache data or extensions of the website are causing the issues to run in the first place. Therefore, to have the first point of the check, go for the following steps:

  • Open up Incognito mode of the Google Chrome browser i.e. clicking on the three dots at the right corner of the screen and then on New Incognito Window.
  • Alternatively, you can use the shortcut of Ctrl+ Shift+ N.
  • Open up the Spotify Web Player URL in the address box.
  • Check upon the different settings and note down for any anomalies.

In case if the website works perfectly fine in Incognito, then there are cache data and extensions causing the lag. Therefore, clear those out and then retry running it on the normal mode of the browser. As a help, you can easily find the recent addition of the extension to your browser.

Checking up the Internet connection

Sometimes, the music might cut off all of a sudden or the track does not play even after you hit on the respective icon. In such a moment, you can correlate it to the internet connection. Go for either of these steps to check the same:

  • Open up other websites on the browser and check up the speed with which they execute the opening.
  • Conduct the internet speed test to determine if the current bandwidth is supporting the stream or not.
  • Right-click on the Wi-Fi or LAN icon at the bottom right corner of the screen and hit on Troubleshoot Problems. Here, the most common issue comes up with DNS availability, and accordingly, you can go for resetting the router or modem.

Enabling the protected content

When you open up the Spotify Web Player and find the message of ‘Playback of protected content is not enabled’, it means that the browser is not allowing to run up the contents of the website. Thus, you can activate the setting by going for the given steps:

  • Go to Chrome settings and scroll the way down to Protected Content.
  • Enable the option of ‘Allow sites to play protected content’.

With this, the issue of the website not opening up gets solved. In the case of alternative browsers, you can hit on the shield icon at the left corner of the same to give permission to the browser to allow the opening of the contents.

Clearing up the cookies and cache data

As mentioned earlier, cookies and cache data prevent the streaming of good content due to the settings from the developers of the browser. Therefore, it is very important to clear all of those out at regular intervals. Go for the given steps to do so:

  • Open up Google Chrome and hit on the three dots at the right corner of the screen.
  • Go to More Toolsà Clear Browsing Data.
  • Select the time range of which you want to delete the browsing data and cookies. Alternatively, you can also select specifically the cookies of Spotify and then hit on a clear button.
  • Click on Clear data and restart the browser.

This methodology is also effective in resolving the website issues and running it as per normal.

Checking up the Anti-virus/Firewall Settings

It can also happen that the existing Firewall settings of the system are preventing the smooth running of the website in the first place. Therefore, you can go for deactivating the same to run up the player:

  • Hit on the Windows icon and go to Control Panel.
  • Go to Systems and SecurityàWindows Defender Firewall.
  • Hit on the toggle button to either turn it on or off.
  • Save the settings and restart the system.

The player would now start working normally on the system.

Updating the browser

If all of these troubleshooting techniques turn out to be ineffective, then the last resort lies in updating the browser version. Therefore, remove the existing version first and then download the latest one from the web.

With this, we conclude on our take of the fixes to resolve the issues. Do let us know in the comments section if you have any further queries related to any of these. Till then, stay safe and keep subscribed to our blog for more of such informative content.


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