How to Find Friend’s Birthdays on Facebook 2023 ? [ Guide ]

Facebook has been in existence for more than two decades and is still at the top with 2.89 billion people using it every month. Facebook is a site that allows you to share status updates, communicate with your loved ones, share photos, look up open jobs and keep track of the birthdays of your loved ones.

People of all ages make use of Facebook to stay in contact with family members friends, acquaintances, and family across the globe.

There could be a myriad of reasons why you visit Facebook to look up birthdays. It could be because you want to plan a surprise for them, you’re likely to overlook birthday dates and so on.

How to See Birthdays on Facebook ?

Viewing birthdays on Facebook Application isn’t as difficult as it appears. Go through this guide and follow our instructions to check your friends birthday date on Facebook. If you follow this tutorial you can save a lot of time. Overall the process of knowing birthday date on Facebook is very simple and we will make it even more easy for you.

So , without further delay, let’s look at the various methods to find Friends Birthdays on Facebook.

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1) See Friends Birthday on Desktop or Laptop / PC

Majority of the Facebook users login to the account through their mobile FB application [ may be Android or iPhone ]. If for some other reasons , if you could not access Facebook through Mobile, then you can login in through Web Browser on your PC or Laptop.

Start by opening Facebook on your computer’s browser and login to the account with your credentials.

On the left sidebar, click you can click on “Events”.

Then, select “Birthdays” from the sidebar.

Visit this URL , to skip navigating pages [ to save few minutes for you].

See Friends Birthday on Facebook

You can now see the birthdays of your loved ones in the display, which includes birthdays today as well as the most current and coming birthdays.

2.) Look for birthday Date’s using the Facebook App on Android or iPhone

Open the Facebook app, then log into the app if you aren’t logged in before.

The top of the screen you’ll see the magnifying glass symbol, i.e., the search icon. Click on it.

Then next, enter “Birthdays” in the search bar, then choose one of the options.

Now, you can look up a an entire list of your friend’s birthdays right in front of you

Simple right ?.. Just by typing Birthdays in the search section, you can get the list of birthdays & Upcoming Birthdays of your friends.

Another method to find the birthdays of your friends on Facebook is to visit their profile pages. But, this is contingent on the privacy settings they have set. You may or may not be able view their birth year, based on their privacy settings.

Hope this tutorial on checking Friends Birthday on Facebook is useful for you. If the answer is yes, then please do share it with your friends Facebook & Instagram.


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