How to Get Wifi Without an Internet Provider ?

Get wifi without internet connection

Connectivity redefined : In this age of data science, the transfer and flow of information have become highly transparent. There are methods where you can easily get connected to the internet and stream content as per your requirements. One of the most preferred systems in today’s time is WiFi.

With the strength and stability of connection in this mode, you can easily stay connected to the internet and not have to look at alternative modes. But, there are some cases where the connection gets disturbed. For example, your WiFi cable got damaged due to maintenance or transit, or the packs have gone way higher price than your affordability.

Do not worry about staying in such a situation for long. Currently, some ways can help you out in accessing WiFi without any internet provider. Read on to find more about this.

What is meant by an internet provider?

Internet provider is the company or brand that issues the cables and WiFi modules to the customers for usage. They are the middlemen that enable the users to get connected to the world of the internet and use their services, as per the subscribed pack. Thus, if you have WiFi set up at the home, then basically, you are taking up the services of some other provider. 

As described earlier, this method has complications in form of cable/infrastructural damage and soaring prices. Either of these can limit your enjoyment of these.

Popular Alternate Methods to Get Wifi Without Internet provider

With the advancement of technology, there are alternative devices or methods to easily connect your PC with the internet. In other terms, you can get WiFi without having to subscribe to any of the internet providers. The upcoming content speaks more about it.

Mobile Hotspot

These days, nearly all of the smartphones have been equipped with this facility. As per it, you can easily convert your mobile phone as a hotspot (creator of WiFi signals) and then use these to connect other devices to the internet. All it requires is an active data pack from your network provider.

As an extension to these, there are special hotspot devices that are used for standalone hotspots and use the cellular data packs subscribed to them. Just keep in mind the cost of these wireless service providers and the associated cellular packs, before making any final selection.

Also, take up the optimal package that meets the internet requirements for PCs (that consume about 3x more data than mobiles).

Internet tethering

Tethering is an extension of a mobile hotspot, where instead of using WiFi to connect to the signals created, you use a USB cable to connect the PC or laptop to the mobile. Yes, battery usage, pack optimization, and data charges are some of the advantages of the method.

But remember, that tethering was originally devised for data transfer and to date, shows the maximum speed for this. You can view emails and texts easily, but the speed gets limited in case of streaming any video content. 

Public WiFi

Owing to the improved infrastructure around us, various localities have set up public WiFi spots. These are not dependent on any internet provider and the users can freely access the same, without having to pay any penny from their pockets.

These services generally belong to any nearby small business unit or individual who has a premium data pack and is thus offering a cheaper alternative to regular cellular packs. Just remember to access these public spots with a VPN. Otherwise, such open-source platforms can expose your hidden data and make others access those without any haste.

USB Dongle

To remove the limitations of the USB tethering mode, USB Dongles were developed. They are like other USB modules, with a SIM card attached within and offering the internet services as per the cellular pack subscribed to it.

As a result, the limitation of accessing videos is removed and you can enjoy the services relentlessly. The speed depends on the signal strength and packs subscribed by you. Like your mobile, keep recharging it to never stop gaining the services.

Portable Cellular Router

As described briefly under the Mobile Hotspots section, the portable cellular router is a specific device that has a dedicated SIM card within it. It is powered by a battery and requires you to turn on the device for creating the hotspot and connecting the nearby devices to access the world of the internet.

Just keep recharging the module after every use and you are sure to enjoy uninterrupted data services.

Organization offers

Though pretty unconventional, certain organizations offer packs and services to the employees for free or subsidized internet connections. Take up the subscription and then remove the tension of going under hefty data bills.

WiFi without internet

If your purpose is not to get connected to the internet but connect the device to a network for data transfer, then you can easily go for this alternative. It is highly appropriate for controlling the smart home devices, streaming own media on other devices, and other similar activities.

Just that, you would not be able to access the internet or anything live from the web.

Hence, with this, we conclude on our take of accessing WiFi without any internet provider. Technology has equipped us with devices that can help us out in accessing the web in a myriad of ways. If you cannot afford the soaring prices of WiFi, then easily go for any of these alternatives and enjoy similar services as the former.


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