How to Turn Off Google Assistant on Your Device ? [ Disable Google Assistant ]

Easing up the lives : In today’s world of technology, automation is taking up new waves to improvise the standard of living of the people. Imagine a world where everything gets executed just at the tip of your command and you do not need to even move an inch! Sounds interesting, right? Well, this is the sole aim of Artificial Intelligence and has been harboring the different products in terms of virtual assistants.

Turn off Google Assistant

Amongst the existing ones, it is no doubt that Google Assistant has been leading at the top for a long time. Its inception has indeed eased up our lives. But there are certain scenarios where we do not want it to stay active. Thus, the basic crux of this content is to show how to Disable Google Assistant.

What is Google Assistant ? Briefing on the intelligence

Google Assistant is an AI-powered platform meant for the current generation of phones, tablets, laptops, PCs, and other smart home devices. The basic working of it includes giving commands via the in-built mic to execute any search on the web or create a connection with the smart appliances to conduct minor activities.

Alternatively, you can manually type on the search bar to look for different updates, like what’s new on Netflix, weather forecast, a recap of your favorite team’s match, and many such. Even answering calls, setting up the alarms, keeping a tap on the expenses have been made easy by this AI.

Google Assistant is one of the first AIs that included the concept of dual conversion i.e. the assistant also responds to the commands given as inputs by the users. Currently, it has more than a million subscribers and getting synchronized with different applications on the devices (both registered under Play Store and the third-party ones).

Scenarios Where you shouldn’t Use Google Assistant

Currently, the platform holds its compatibility with iOS, Android, speakers, smartwatches, headphones, earbuds, and every other device that gets connected to your primary Google account. But there are certain cases where you do not need to use the service, like as follows:

  • Recording of the sensitive chats or conversations happening with your near ones.
  • Keeping a track of your passwords or other private details of the device.
  • Temporary troubleshooting to avoid any information going to the wrong hands in events of theft of any of the connected devices.

Yes, turning off the Assistant would negate the basic purpose of its existence in the first place. But the above-mentioned scenarios show why would it be a necessary step.

Can you delete Google Assistant permanently?

No, you cannot delete the Google Assistant permanently. The AI is embedded in your respective devices as per the factory settings and thus, the maximum that can be done is to deactivate it permanently (unless you feel the use of it again).

Turning off Google Assistant permanently

In case if you want to turn off the settings for Google Assistant permanently, then follow the steps given below:

  1. Launch the Google app on your mobile.
  2. At the bottom right of the screen, tap on the option for More.
  3. Go to Settings and then hit on Google Assistant.
  4. Once the window for it pops up, scroll down to the list of Assistant devices (i.e. the ones that are synchronized with the AI).
  5. Tap on the option for Phone and then hit on ‘Turn off Google Assistant’ in the next toggle.

Alternatively, if you feel difficulty in finding such settings, then simply activate your Assistant and give the voice command of turning itself off. It would show all of the steps mentioned above.

Turning off the Google Assistant on your smart home devices

If you want to temporarily turn off the Google Assistant from your smart home devices, then go for the steps below:

  1. Launch the Google Home app.
  2. Tap on Home and then select the device that you want to deactivate the Assistant from.
  3. Go to Digital Wellbeing and then to set up a New Schedule.
  4. Select the devices on whom the changes would get applied and then hit on next.
  5. Either go for a ready-made schedule or select the customized one as per your requirements.
  6. Finalize the start and end times.
  7. Go for Next and then Done.

With this, the Assistant gets inactive until the period of the schedule is set up.

Changing the settings of your Google Assistant

In case, if you want to change the default settings of Google Assistant, then go for the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the respective mobile settings and hit on Apps.
  2. Go for More options (three dots at the top of the screen) and then go for Default Apps.
  3. Go to Device Assistance App and it opens up a list of the settings that can be changed.
  4. You can also hit on the gear icon on the screen to go for other options that can be changed for Google Assistant.
  5. Hit on the required changes and then confirm the same.

On an ending note, think more than twice before planning to take any such steps. It is because Google Assistant is getting equipped with more classy features under each upgrade and you do not want to regret missing them out.


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