How much does Netflix cost?

Netflix is a popular streaming app where you can enjoy movies, TV shows, web series, and Netflix seasons. Netflix subscribers are increasing tremendously due to its excess to limitless content which is licensed and officially recognized by legal authorities. With the ongoing situation of COVID-19, the people’s interest in this streaming app has gone sky-high. You can enjoy  Netflix on your tablet, android phones, and laptops all in the comfort of your home or at any place in the world.

       So how much does Netflix costs? Well, it depends on what kind of services you want to have from this streaming app. If you are looking for the most affordable basic offering, you can enjoy Netflix at only 9$/month. The cost varies for a person according to the region they live in. The cost is low in countries like Brazil, the Philippines, India, Canada, Australia, UK, and Malaysia. Netflix offers three plans for i.e. Basic subscribers, Standard and Premium. Let’s dive deeper.

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Netflix Basic Subscription

Basic is the most affordable and budget-friendly subscription for its users who wants to get excess to unlimited digital content at a very low price and who does not wants to pay a high price at cinemas. The basic plan costs only 9$ per month.


  • In basic subscription, you can get access to unlimited shows but in standard quality (480P).
  • You can watch Netflix shows on your laptop or your phone wherever you want.
  • You can fasten the speed of the video  to save your time
  • You can use Netflix on one screen at one time either on your laptop or phone.

However, you cannot enjoy the HD quality or 4K Ultra quality if you are subscribing to a basic plan. If you share the account with your friend or another family member is using it then you are restricted to one screen at a time but if you are the solitary person then it will work for you.

Netflix Standard Subscription

The standard is one time ahead of what you will be offered at the basic plan. It is also affordable but it costs a little bit higher than the basic plan because it has more to offer than a basic plan with advanced video quality and screen sharing. The standard plan costs 14$ per month.


  • In the Standard Plan, you can watch your shows in the best HD quality with an improved display of the video. (1080P).
  • Another reason why it costs higher is you can use two screens at one time. This means you can share the password with your fe=riend to minimize the cost.
  • In the standard plan, you can change the speed also and enjoy these shows on your favorite digital device either on your android phones or, laptops. 

Netflix Premium

The premium is the one that has more to offer than a basic and premium plan. You can enjoy all available in the basic and standard plan but with more advantages like premium video quality and sharing screen with multiple users. It costs between 16-18$ per month.


  • In the premium plan, you can enjoy the HD video quality and 4K ULTRA  that is perfect if you want to watch Netflix movies and shows on  LCD or your TV.
  • Moreover, you can share the screen with four users at a time so you share the screen with your friends and you all can enjoy access to the limitless digital world.

Netflix DVD Service

If you are living in the US, then you can also enjoy the DVD rental which it offers. There are some titles that are not available on the streaming app, so you can write the name of these shows or movies and just mail them after the subscription and provide your mailing address. Netflix mails you the required  DVDs along with return postage. You can also use two DVDs per month but you have to return the previous one if you want to buy a new one. If you want to get Blue Ray or Unlimited monthly rentals then you have to pay higher about 14$ per month.

The Netflix DVDs cost a very reasonable price between 4$-14$.

             Netflix offers reasonable services for all users to enjoy streaming by introducing different plans and offers. You can watch and explore as much as you can on different genres like action, adventure, romance, Comedy, Mystery, and Documentaries. Netflix ensures to give maximum to its users at a low price. It’s already a  wonder to watch all the movies and shows at every reasonable price.


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