How to Block a YouTube Channel on Smart TV , Smartphone & Laptop ?

 As a YouTube user, you can choose the type of content you would like to stream on YouTube and be displayed on the main page. You can choose to block or delete the specific YouTube channel you feel is inappropriate for your needs.

YouTube has significantly enhanced its curating capabilities so that it can suggest content based on our preferences. Yet, random videos appear in our feeds occasionally.

This article will provide you with instructions in blocking the YouTube channel on your Smart TV, on your computer or laptop, as well as for your Android smartphone.

How do you block a YouTube Channel on your PC or Laptop with the Web Browser ?

This technique is designed for users who access the YouTube web pages on laptops to stream online entertainment content created by creators from all over the world.

  •  Visit the YouTube’s main YouTube website from your web browser.
  •  Simply click on the icon for the channel you’d like to delete or block.
  • Then, head to the section on ABOUT.
  • Then, click at the symbol for the flag in the Stats section.
  •  Click on Block from the menu drop-down.
  •  Click on Submit to stop the YouTube channel.

How to block YouTube Channel on an Android Smartphones using YouTube App

If you are using YouTube’s YouTube application in lieu of the browser online version These are the steps to follow:

  • Install YouTube’s app for the Android smartphone.
  • Find the video and then tap the icon for the channel.
  •  Then, tap on 3 dots in the top left corner.
  • Choose Block user from the menu displayed on your screen.
  • Then, tap Block to confirm the channel and stop the channel.

Hope with this guide you have learnt how to stop the YouTube channel from appearing on your mobile and on your computer.

How do I Block Youtube Channel on a Smartphone by using a the Web Browser ?

If you’re viewing YouTube through the browser of your phone it’s kind of strange.

But, I’ll show how to block YouTube channels using the steps below. Be aware that you cannot remove a user entirely from an internet browser. It is only possible to inform YouTube not to recommend this channel.

  • Use an internet browser on your mobile and then go to
  • Choose the video in your feed that you do not want to watch anymore. Find the channel you’d like to block by searching it with the Magnifying glass icon beside your avatar.
  • Select the three dots next to a video , and select the option Don’t recommend channel.

How to Block YouTube Channels on Smart TV?

Let’s look at an alternative method to stop YouTube channels from being displayed. If you’re watching video content on YouTube in you Android smart TV, and every time you launch YouTube and select certain channels, and their videos are displayed in YouTube’s feed, it could be irritating. If they’re on your recommendations even though you do not like the channel or its content or it could appear inappropriately, they show up and appear on your homepage. To block YouTube channels from smart TVs and to avoid receiving video recommendations in the future, follow the steps below on Your Android TV:

  • Start YouTube on your TV with a smart screen.
  • Hold and press to select button on the remote for several times.
  • Choose Not interested in the menu dropdown.
  • Finally, choose the channel you don’t want to recommend under Give us the reason.

You’ve deleted the YouTube video off your homepage Then, from now on, the YouTube algorithm will try to stop showing these video suggestions in the near future.

How do I Remove an YouTube channel from suggestions Without blocking it

You can delete the YouTube channels from suggestion and not block it. To do that you must follow the steps below:

  • On the YouTube homepage, look for the video of a channel.
  •  Just click on three dots to reveal the icon.
  • After that, click on the button Don’t recommend channel.

How do you unblock a YouTube Channel on your PC or Laptop?

It’s fairly simple to stop YouTube channels from showing up in your feed. Similarly you can unblock YouTube channels. I have seen many people raising this issue on many forums and platforms. So we have decided to address the issue here.

  • Open a web browser and then go to
  • Select the channel you would like to deblock and visit the About section of the channel.
  • Select the Flag icon , then choose option Unblock users option.
  • Click on it to Unblock Youtube Channel.

Make sure you confirm your selection to receive suggested YouTube videos. 


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