How to Change the Language of Chromebook ?

Change Default Chromebook Language : Chromebooks are unique within themselves when compared to conventional laptops due to an independent Chrome OS. It offers a different experience, with all of the works becoming more of cloud and browser-based, rather than the offline version which is done on the laptops.

Thus, it is very evident for the Chromebook users to refer to online materials frequently to clear out on the functional queries of their devices that are different from the conventional. In our blog for the day, we would be elucidating on the methods for changing the default language of Chromebook to the one preferred by the user. 

How to Change Default Language on Chromebook ?

As informed in our previous blog also, you need to stay connected with your Chrome browser from the Google account. Post that, follow the steps given below to change the language of your device:

  1. At the bottom right corner of the screen, click on the time icon, and select the settings option from the display menu. It will be a gear symbol at the top.
  2. Once the Settings tab opens up, go to the bottom of the tab and click on Advanced.
  3. Then go to the section of ‘Languages and Input’ and select on the Language option.
  4. A dialog box comes up with the list of languages that are registered on the system. If you find your language to be missing, then click on ‘Add Language’.
  5. Find the language from the list and then click on Add.
  6. The language would get registered and thus the same would get displayed on the Settings.

As an added advantage, now you can define how you want to use the language on your device. Click on the three dots appearing in the right and you will get two options as below:

  1. You can select ‘Display Chrome OS in this language’ to implement the change in all of the menus. Post this, you need to restart the system and sign in again to make the changes come into action.
  2. Else, you can go for ‘Move to the Top’ option and it would only display the web pages in your selected language. It would also auto-translate the page into your selected language if the source language turns out to be different.

Therefore, in this manner, you would be able to change your device language into something of your choice.

Removing a language on Chromebook

Let us say that you want to remove a language from the settings. Then follow these steps mentioned:

  1. Go to the Settings dialog box from the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Go to Advanced options and then to Languages from the section of ‘Languages and input’.
  3. Select the three dots on the right of it and click on Remove option.

Thus, you can remove and add languages easily on the Chromebook and customize it as per your needs. Let us know if you are stuck somewhere and as goes without saying, like, share and subscribe to us to know more related to Chromebooks.


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