How to change the Netflix password?

Netflix is a streaming app where you can watch worldwide TV shows, web series, movies, and watch these shows sitting in your comfortable place. Netflix password is used to ensure that any third party did not get access to your account so it’s necessary to have a strong password and If someone is using your Netflix password, then you can easily change the password by following some simple steps. Changing the Netflix password is easier than you ever imagined. You can easily secure your account by changing your password using a browser, IOS, Android, tablet, or Netflix app.

How to change the Netflix password via browser?

 Open the “Netflix ” on Google chrome or any other browsing app like safari, then click on your profile name in the right corner of the browser, and from the drop-down menu click on the “Account ” settings.

Underneath your membership and billing section, there will be an option to “Change your password”, click on this option.

Then write down your “Current password” in the section, Below this section, enter the “New password” of yourown  desire. (To have a strong password use numbers, punctuation marks, uppercase, lowercase letters, or use unique symbols).

Confirm your password by typing it again. Below this, you will see a checkbox saying

“Require all devices to sign in again with a new password”.Make sure you have marked this checkbox so that any third party cannot access your account in the future and “ Save” this new setting which will require all your account holding devices or users to sign in again with a new password.

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How to change the Netflix password via Android?

In your mobile, open the Netflix app, log in to your “account” and then select your profile and click on the “More”option at the bottom right corner of the app.

Then, Click on “Account settings”,and it will open in your own mobile’s browser and then select “Change password”.

Type your “Current password”, “New password”, and “Change password”.

Click on the checkbox that restricts all other apps and browsers to login to your account.

Click on the “Save”option to save the setting.

How to change Netflix’s password via IOS?

In the IOS Netflix app, there is no option of “More” in the customized IOS app, so you cannot change the password using the app, adopt another method.

Open “the Netflix ”( on any browser ,to change your password.

Tap “Account settings” and click on the option  ”.“change password”

Then type your “current password”.(Remember to create a strong password  by including unique numbers and letters so that no one can access your account in the future.)

Set your “New password” in the browser to save the settings. It will automatically change the setting and any previous logins at any mobile or browser and the third person will have to sign in again to enjoy the streaming Netflix app.

How to change your password if you have forgotten your password?

If you have somehow forgotten your password, then you can also recover your account and reset it via a browser or android app.

When you click change passwordand  don’t remember your previous password,  there will bean option of ‘Forgot password?’

Simply click on this option and youwill be asked to set “a new password”again and your “Email verification” will be done. Netflix will confirm your identity by sending you a code via email or a text message on your phone number. (Based on what you choose to email or text message).

Even if you don’t remember your email or phone number,click on the option‘ I don’t remember email or phone’ then Netflix will help you to recover your account and all the account details.

          Netflix provides full security and ensures all the safety standards for itsusers to change and set a new password. To protect your account, avoid access to any third-party user, try changing your password every two weeks or at least once a month. and also use the security and safety standards provided by Netflix policy to keep your account in check and balance.

        Netflix never asks you for any kind of personal information to be sent through email or any other who is claiming to be from Netflix authorization. Many scammers are trying to cheat your account by getting access to all your personal information. Ignore these suspicious emails and never share any information with them.


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