How to contact Amazon customer service when you have a problem with your account ?

Amazon’s customer service makes the shopping experience seamless and optimum. If you have any problem with an order or your account, you can simply tap a few buttons on the app and you will be connected to one of their amicable agents who will assist you in every way possible to help you out. However, many people have faced unnumbered issues whilst contacting Amazon.

They have reported problems like “we can’t find the customer care number anywhere on the app”. Although you won’t find their number glaring right at your face after opening the customer care tab, there is still a number through which you can contact Amazon directly.You can also have their agents call you if you know the right steps.

Let me expound the ways in which you can contact the Amazon customer service and have your concerns regarding an order or your account resolved without any hassle.

Different Ways to Contact Amazon Customer Service

Call on Amazon Number:

The foremost thing you can do to contact the customer service of Amazon is call them directly. You can find their number on the app or the website itself if you click on the “contact us” tab of the website.Spoiler alert: their number is 18882804331.  However, calling them directly can be a lengthy process because, first, there is massive waiting line.

You will have to grit your teeth and wait for an associate to be connected with you. This could prove to be infuriating if you were already troubled because of a problem with your account. Moreover, once connected, you will have to verify your number that is linked with your Amazon account before the commencement of your discussion begins.

This can again consume a lot of time. Therefore, most people consider calling the official number of Amazon futile. Nonetheless, you can give it a shot if you have something urgent on your plate. Maybe you will get lucky and have your problem solved quicker than anticipated.

Make Amazon call you:

If you cannot find any number on the Amazon app or website, you can have the platform call you via one of their agents. This can be done if you report a problem about an order or your account in general. To do this, open the Amazon app or website, whichever you use to operate Amazon.

Locate the three horizontal lines to open the Amazon menu. Scroll down to the lowest tab that says “customer care” and click on it. This will lead you to the customer service page of Amazon. A broad list will be presented on your screen wherein, you can choose the problem over which you want to contact the customer service.

Particulars such as ‘your orders’, ‘returns and refunds’, ‘Amazon pay transactions’, ‘account settings’ will be displayed. Out of these, click on the issue which you want to be addressed. Let’s say you have a problem with an order.

Subsequently, click on ‘your orders’. You will then be redirected to a page which consists of a list of all the orders you have placed, including the orders which have been delivered and the ones that are yet to be shipped. Click on the order regarding which you have a problem. From here, you can track your order, cancel or even return and replace your orders.

If your issue is not listed, you can contact the seller directly, or speak to an Amazon agent. Click on the contact amazon service. Here, you may be asked to type your number and once the number is sent, you will receive a call from one of their agents.

Chat with them:

You can also chat with the customer service of the Amazon to have your queries about your account cleared. To chat with them, go to the customer service tab of the amazon app. You can find it by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of your screen. Once you have reached at the customer care page of the app, scroll down to “contact us”.

You will be directed to a chat box wherein; you can have your issues addressed. Initially, you will be talking to a computer that will provide you with solutions that are already mentioned in the FAQs section of their app. In most cases, this alone could prove to be useful. However, in certain cases, the automatically generated answers are of no use to you since they do not address the problem you have.

In this case, you may be directed to real person. You can discuss your problem with the person and reach at a definite conclusion which suits you the best. They might also give you a call to ensure that your problem has been solved to your satisfaction.

Send an Email:

The last thing you can do to contact the amazon customer service if all else fail is that you can send them a comprehensive email. The email should include your name, the number that is linked with your amazon account and the issue you have.

Describe your issue to the last bit of detail so there is no room for elaborate discussion and to avoid sending emails back and forth to be clear on the details. Focus on the details right from the beginning and you will have seamless experience in contacting them.

If you have an issue with an order, write the order number and order details so the person on the other hand has a full picture about who you are and what you have ordered. Once you are done with all the details, send the mail to You are likely to receive a response in 24-48 hours of sending the email. This method can be tried if your concern is not urgent and can wait a day or two.


Amazon is one of the largest shopping platforms in the world for unnumbered reasons. One of the reasons is how easy and quick it is to contact the customer support of the platform and have yours concerns resolved. However, being such a big platform, the waiting time is often more than one anticipates. In such situations, reaching them on time becomes an issue. Nonetheless, you can have the customer support hear you if you try these ways of contacting them.


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