How to Contact Facebook when you have issues with your account?

To be honest, contacting Facebook is not as easy and seamless as one might think. Although the social media giant does have a customer support number, contacting them on the number is entirely futile. You will be met with nothing but a series of automated messages which will eventually lead you to consulting the help centre of Facebook.

Ways to contact facebook

Needless to say, you will not be able to speak to an actual agent of Facebook to have your queries cleared like you have in case of Amazon. However, there are certain methods through which you can get connected with Facebook to get a rough solution to your problem. Let’s take a look at some ways in which you can contact Facebook when you are facing issues with your account.

3 Ways to contact Facebook

Consulting the Facebook community from Help centre:

Facebook has a highly comprehensive help centre which you can access from your account. The help centre addresses all the common issues you could have with your account such as problems related to your account, privacy, general settings, blocking, managing your contacts, and such.

Moreover, you can send a specialised message to the community service of Facebook and general users of Facebook can respond to that message with the most appropriate solution. Most likely, they will redirect the FAQs about Facebook to you, wherein you could find the solution to your problem.

To access the help centre, log into your Facebook account, either from the app or the website. Locate an icon of question mark which can be found in the top right corner of your home page. From the menu that appears, click on the ‘help centre’ tab situated in the top right corner of the menu. Scroll down to the tab that says ‘Visit help community’. Once you enter the community page, you can find unnumbered Facebook-related questions asked by users and people who know the answers have responded to them with the ideal course of action.

You can surf through the questions and see if anybody has answered your query about your account so far. If you are unable to locate your question, you could punch in your own question in the box that says “Ask a Question”. At this place, you can announce your query to all the munificent users and if you get lucky, you might a response quicker than you anticipated. You will be notified if someone has responded to you through the notification bar of the Facebook.

Contacting Facebook customer support:

The customer support of Facebook can prove to be helpful, albeit, a tad bit slow in offering you the optimum solutions to your account problem. To contact the customer support, log into your Facebook account from the app or the website.

Once you land on the home page of your account, locate a question mark icon in the top right corner of the home page. Click on the icon and then click on ‘report a problem’. You will have a list of particulars regarding which you could possibly have a problem presented on the screen. This may include ‘General issues’, ‘reporting an abusive content’, ‘something isn’t working’ and ‘problems regarding payments’.

If you have an issue with your account you can click on the general issues tab and see if it answers your queries. However, if your problem runs deeper than a simple issue of email or a photo upload, you might not find adequate help from the Facebook administration as they do not address individual problems of its users. However, you can take the help of the Facebook community to have your intricate issues resolved.

Send an email:

Although, this method may prove to be futile to you, you can still give it a shot if all else fails, maybe you will get lucky. Like any other prominent social media platform, Facebook has unnumbered email IDs that claim to address the personal grievances if its users.

However, in most cases, when you send your query, all you may get is an automated email that says that the company will look into your problem meanwhile, you can take a look at the following suggestions and see if any of those solve your queries. If things go in your way, you might actually have your problem resolved by reading those suggestions Nonetheless,you can send an email to


Being one of the most popular social media platforms, naturally the administration of Facebook cannot address the problems of each individual considering the massive expanse of their business. However, with quick and effective solutions like asking the Facebook Community centre for help might actually prove to be helpful. Therefore, if you have any issues regarding your Facebook account, your best bet is consulting the Facebook community, which consists of regular Facebook users like you and I.


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