How to Delete Adobe Account Permanently in 2023 ?

Adobe software has been the saviors for many of our readers. Be it on an e-book, conversion of scanned images into readable content, editing of the pictures, or even the addition of graphics on the multimedia, you would find a product on Adobe at the top. The best part of the entire suite is that everything is synchronized with the Adobe Creative Cloud and thus all of the data gets saved over there permanently, irrespective of it getting deleted from the physical storage.

Delete Adobe Account

All you need is to create one Adobe ID and use it to unlock the entire suite. But, let’s say that for some reason you want to delete your Adobe account. In our blog post for the day, we would be discussing this subject.

Pre-requisites to Delete Adobe Account

There is only one major pre-requisite before the entire process i.e. you should not have any active subscription of the Adobe products. If you have any, then you should wait until it expires as it might cause the loss of investment done for the subscription. In the rather case, you can move on with the further steps mentioned below.

How to Delete Adobe Account ?

Please follow the steps mentioned below to permanently delete your Adobe account:

  1. First of all, make an external backup of all of the works that you had done on Adobe, either from the device or the cloud.
  2. Sign in to your Adobe account and go to the link
  3. In the dialog box for the privacy settings, scroll down to the option of ‘Delete Account’.
  4. Click on Continue on the rightside of the display.
  5. User information comes that tells about the entire process and how the data loss becomes irretrievable. Read it very carefully and then click on continue.
  6. The next step shows if you want to cancel your existing plan or leave the organization completely.
  7. Select on the required option and it would display a list of all of the services and features that would be deleted completely from the account. Click on Continue to move on.
  8. In the final step, a self-declaration comes up where you need to declare that you want to permanently delete your Adobe account. Check the box.
  9. Click on ‘Confirm delete account’.

Thus, the entire process gets completed and your user information gets wiped out from the Adobe server. Keep in mind that this action is irreversible and the data once lost can never be retrieved. Therefore, think many times before going for this option.

Other alternatives : How to Cancel Adobe Account ?

Let us say that you are not satisfied with the current subscription of the Adobe products. In that case, rather than going for the entire account deletion, you can choose to cancel the plan or change it.

Just login to your account and go to the option of Manage Plans. It would show you the information on the current subscription and then give you the options to either cancel or modify it. Based on your choice, you can move on with the upcoming process.

On a concluding note, do let us know if you want some advice on the entire procedure and do not forget to like, share, and subscribe to our blog.


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