How to Download Video from any Website on Internet ?

Today’s world of technology has made the flow of information very easy. The digital media stands as a testament to how the news from all over the world can be accessed and enjoyed at the tips of the fingers. And when it comes to the videos, they have a separate fanbase.

If you like some video on any website (be it Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social handles), then it is very natural to look for ways to save it and view it for future references. In some cases, the download option is visible and you can execute the process easily.

But in many of the cases, you cannot find the option for either of the reasons- the website simply not allowing it due to piracy and copyright issues or the air traffic is not sufficient to demand the download.

Do not worry, as in our blog for the day, we would be discussing the ways to download the videos effortlessly and stream later as per your convenience.

Download Video from Any Website using Third-party Apps

Developers around the world have made various third-party applications that allow free downloading of the videos from popular handles. Some of those are completely safe, whereas some might have hidden malware. Hence use these at your own risk.

Based on our recommendations, please find some of the safer options below: :

savefrom online video downloader

SaveFrom is a Youtube downloader that allows a quick, reliable, and safe way of downloading the videos available on Youtube and viewing them later. Just paste the URL from the website into the Launcher window of SaveFrom and add ‘ss’ in front of the term “Youtube’. For added convenience, now you can use the tool to download videos from Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Daily Motion, and many others.

Download Twitter video

As goes by the name, you can use this app or website to download the videos from Twitter. Just copy and paste the requisite URL into the app and select the format of download according to your needs (MP4, MP3, HD, etc.).

FastestTube : Kwizzu

Kwizzu Fastesttube

FastestTube is another alternative to Youtube Downloader, with a faster mode of reaching out to the videos. It is also available as a browser extension to the majority of the web browsers and post-installation, you can find the download option automatically at the bottom of every video.


y2mate video downloader

Y2Mate is another option for Youtube downloader (since Youtube has a separate fanbase). Like other downloaders, just paste the URL in the window and download the video as per the convenience. Alternatively, you can also select to download the audio track instead of the whole video.

FB Down

FBDown Video Downloader

FB Down– As goes by the name, FB Down is the tool to discreetly download any video that you liked on Facebook. It also comes in the form of a web browser extension, where you would automatically find the download links below every video that you come across on the platform.


For those of you looking to download the videos from multiple websites, ClipConverter comes as a highly reliable tool. Just copy and paste the URL and the rest of the things would fall into place. It is also available as a web browser extension.


For Windows users, Freemake is a specific repository to download videos from about 10000 different websites. Just ensure the source of the website and enjoy uninterrupted streaming of free videos.

A fair bit of warning- All of these downloads are only intended for personal use and must not be done for copyrighted materials. Else, it would earn a heavy penalty and you might land into great trouble.

Is it Possible to Download Video with out Third-Party App ?

YES. For those of you who have a deeper interest in the computer codes, you can go for the alternative to play with the source link of the website and initiate the download, without having to go for any of these third-party software’s.

Just launch the source code and find out that one part of the code snippet containing the link. Then, via various tips and tricks, you can manipulate the same and bring out the option of saving the video on the system. This method differs from one browser to the other and therefore, you need to do diggings of your own.

With this, we conclude on our ways of downloading the videos from websites. Assess the situation properly and then go for the selection of any of these tools. Do write back to us in case of further queries or concerns.


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