How to Find a Seller on Ebay?

Find ebay seller

The improvised buying-selling process :The Internet has revolutionized the ways of working that was running for many years previously. Who would have thought that transferring cash, buying new stuff, selling old items and other such activities can be done easily within the comforts of the home?

Initially, it was not perceived by many, but recent times have shown otherwise results. With the crunching time out of the regular schedule, it becomes very difficult to follow these activities manually, and thus, people have been relying on online sources.

The same trend is also observed in the case of buying and selling second-hand items. Out of such platforms, eBay stands at the top and owns a significant amount of market share in the genre. And with the recent updates, now it has become even easier to get connected to any suitable seller.

In our blog of the day, we would be focusing further on finding a suitable seller easily on eBay.

Viewing of the items of a single seller

eBay has had created a good number of advanced features to find out the sellers easily. In its advanced search option, you can easily find the By Seller pages and keep proper track of the people with whom you have done any kind of transaction in the past.

Follow the steps given below to get a bird’s eye view of all of the items under that particular seller:

  1. In the search field for By Seller, enter the eBay ID of the person about whom you want to learn further.
  2. You can check on the Complete Listings box to ensure all of the items that have been dealt with by the individual in the past also.
  3. In the drop-down box for Sort, you can choose to sort the results as per your requirements.
  4. Select the number of searches that you want to view per page.
  5. Hit on the Search option at the bottom of the screen and the results would get adjusted accordingly.

Viewing of the item from multiple sellers

In case if you are interested in one particular item and want to have a look at multiple sellers dealing with it, then the Advanced Search feature can help you out accordingly. This can aid you in doing a proper comparison between the different sellers and not get confused with quite a large number in the community.

Follow the steps given below to execute it:

  1. In the Advanced Search tab, go to the link for Items in Store.
  2. Type the keyword properly that defines your requirements.
  3. Set the parameters of search accordingly (ex- popularity of the sellers, nearby location, and others).

Accordingly, the recommendations would come to you for the item dealt by multiple sellers.

Searching the seller by name or email address on Ebay

If you want to individually search for a particular seller on eBay, follow the steps given below to execute the overall process:

  1. Open eBay and enter your login credentials in it.
  2. Go to the Advanced Search link on the account.
  3. Under the members tab at the left corner of the screen, choose either Find a Member or Find contact information.
  4. Enter the user id or email address of the seller whom you would like to find on the platform. 
  5. Type the captcha properly to confirm the selection and hit on search.
  6. Select the one in the list appearing and hit on Save Seller to add it to your favorites.

Searching the seller by an item number

You can also get connected to the sellers if you have an idea about the item number of the piece that you want to buy. Go for the following steps to execute the process:

  1. Go to your eBay account and redirect to the Advanced Search option on it.
  2. Hit on the Search by Item number option and it would redirect you to another window.
  3. Type the number very carefully in the box and hit on search.
  4. You can find the list of sellers dealing with it and then select anyone to be added to your list.

Therefore, all of these processes present an effortless way of getting connected to your respective buyers.


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