How to Find & Get MAC Address from IP ?

In today’s world of the internet, connectivity is something that speaks a lot about device performance. And connectivity is defined by the network interface and MAC address associated with it. Not only does it ensure a stable network, but also helps out in troubleshooting the issues hindering the normal process.

When a device is connected to Ethernet, Wi-Fi, LAN, Bluetooth, and other modules, different MAC addresses are generated and they are unique for each of the physical devices. Thus, it becomes pivotal to manage these addresses and keep a note for handy reference.

Thus, in our blog of the day, we would be discussing in detail about getting MAC address from IP.

Reasons to track the MAC Address

The following enlists the primary reasons for tracking down the device MAC addresses:

  • Setting up the process to filter MAC address, to allow access to the local network for only those devices that meet the pre-requisites.
  • Determine the manufacturer’s number and a serial number of the device to aid in the processing of the warranty claims distinctly.
  • Register the home gateway with an internet provider and legitimize the device from any illegal activities.
  • Prevent spoofing of the identities of external users.

Your reason for tracking the IP addresses might either be a single item or a combination of these.

Different Ways to Get MAC Address from IP

Option 1

Go for the following steps to understand the first option of viewing the MAC address:

  • Press Windows Key+ R simultaneously.
  • Type cmd and then press enter.
  • On the command prompt window, type ipconfig/all and hit on Enter.

Thus, the list of IP addresses of different modules gets published and you can easily refer to the one that is required by you.

Option 2

Go for the following steps to understand the second option of viewing the MAC address:

  • Hold Windows key+ R simultaneously.
  • Type cmd and then press enter.
  • Use the command line getmac /s computername to get the remote MAC address by the computer name.
  • Use the command GETMAC /s to receive MAC ID by the IP address.
  • Use the command GETMAC /s localhost to get the local MAC address.

All three of these MAC addresses are defined for each network card associated with the device and you can easily differentiate these.

Using ARP to find the MAC address

With the command utility line of Address Resolution Protocol, you can also extract the MAC information stored within the ARP cache. ARP is something that is used by the administrators and aids in tracking the MAC and IP addresses of each device that the PC has interacted with.   

The following ways can elucidate further on this:

  • You can use the command ping, followed by the recently connected device’s IP to find out its MAC address. Accordingly, it establishes a connection with the other device on the network and prints result in the format of bytes, time, and TTL.
  • The ARP command of arp –a shows the consolidated list of MAC addresses of the devices that were pinged by you.

Yes, decoding the data from ARP might be a tough nut to crack initially, but it offers more information for security tracking. Hence, take up the help from an IT expert and you would get further details on it.

With this, we conclude on our take of finding and getting the MAC address from IP. Let us know of your queries or concerns in the comments section and we would take those up.


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