How to fix Google Chrome ran out of memory Error ?

Google Chrome is one of the most used internet browsers on the planet due to its high web browsing speeds and user-friendly design. However numerous users have experienced the problem of Google Chrome running out of memory. This is a frustrating issue, particularly if you are engaged in an important project or browsing. This article we’ll explore some methods to resolve Google Chrome when it runs out of memory.

Before we get into the options, it is essential to comprehend the reasons Google Chrome has run in memory. If you are using multiple tabs or windows within Chrome it uses up large amounts in RAM (Random Access Memory) on your system. As time passes, this may result in Chrome running out of memory available, which causes the system to slow down or even crash. In addition extensions, plugins and other applications running in the background could be a factor in memory usage.

How to fix Google Chrome ran out of memory Issue ?

Let’s look at some options to repair Google Chrome when it runs out of memory

Update Google Chrome:

The first step in addressing issues with memory within Chrome is to ensure you’re using the most recent version. Google Chrome is updated frequently to address security and bug issues and other improvements to performance.

To verify for updates To check for updates, click the three dots in the top right corner of the Chrome browser, and then select “Help” and then select “About Google Chrome.” If there’s an update it will be download and then installed.

Disable or remove extensions from Chrome:

They may help improve the experience of browsing, but they also use up plenty of memory. If you have several extensions, you can try deactivating or removing them one after one and see whether this helps Chrome’s performance.

To deactivate or remove extensions, simply click the three dots located in the top-right edge of your Chrome browser, and then select “More Tools” and select “Extensions.” Then, you can turn off the toggle next to the extension in order to turn it off and click on”Remove” to remove it completely “Remove” link to erase it completely.

Clear the cache and cookies of Chrome:

The cached data and cookies may accumulate over time, consuming precious memory resources. Clearing them will free memory and boost Chrome’s performance.

To delete cache and cookies, simply click the three dots in the upper-right right-hand corner in the Chrome browser, and then select “Settings” and then select “Privacy and Security.” Then, under “Clear browsing data” pick “All time” in the dropdown menu, and then mark the boxes on the right side of “Cookies and other site-related data” as well as “Cached pictures and data.” Select “Clear the data” to delete the items you have selected.

Adjust the settings of Chrome:

There are several settings in Chrome that can be changed to maximize performance and reduce the use of memory. For instance, you can remove “Use hardware acceleration whenever it’s available” and “Continue running background apps even when Google Chrome is closed.”

In order to access Chrome settings, simply click the three dots located in the upper-right right-hand corner in Chrome’s top-right corner. Chrome browser, and then select “Settings.” Click down until”System” in the “System” section and switch off the toggles to “Use hardware acceleration when it is available” in addition to “Continue running background applications even after Google Chrome is closed.”

Increase your computer’s RAM :

You’ve tried the various solutions mentioned above but are still having problems with memory in Google Chrome, it may be the time to upgrade the RAM on your computer. By adding additional RAM to your computer will greatly improve performance, and enable Chrome to function smoothly when using many applications and tabs.

Summary : Google Chrome running out of memory is an issue that is frustrating, however there are many options to resolve it. The process of updating Chrome, deactivating or eliminating extensions, clearing caches and cookies, changing the settings and increasing the computer’s RAM are all ways to clear memory and boost the performance of Google Chrome. With these tips and techniques, you’ll be able to enjoy seamless browsing with Google Chrome.


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