How to know if someone blocked your number on an iPhone ?

Sometimes after a heated argument with someone, you would probably want to know if you have ended on bad terms with them, which can often be characterized by the person blocking your number. You could run the thought in your head whether or not you have been blocked, or know for sure. So, how can you be certain? The answer is, you can never be 100% sure. What you can do is, sniff out the subtle hints and make a judgement of your own.

If the luck is on your side, you would know for certain whether or not you have been blocked by the number you are trying to reach. Let’s take a look at a few ways in which you could get a rough picture of the scenario. A collaboration of these methods will let you know whether or not you have been blocked by the person.

3 Ways to Know if Someone Blocked your number on an iPhone

Text Message:

This is the foremost way through which you can know if there is something fishy. Drop a text, even an emoticon would work and see if the message goes through. If the message gets delivered, the word “delivered” will be sprawled below your message. This indicates that the receiver has not blocked you.

However, If the message fails to deliver, the system will notify you of the same by asking you to “try again” sending the same message. This could be your first clue. At times, your message could fail to deliver if the person has enabled the ‘do not disturb’ feature on their phone or if their flight mode is active. Subsequently, attempt other methods to be 100% sure.

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Know by Calling Them

Calling them once or twice can give you an unreal insight into the situation. If you are directed into the person’s voicemail, you are most likely blocked by the number. Moreover, if the call does get through but only rings once or twice before it cuts or if you are directed to their voicemail, this further hints towards a possible blocking.

In some cases, you will hear the automated messages like “this person isn’t available right now”, or “the number you are calling is switched off”. If you hear these messages every time you call the person, it could mean that you are blocked. The possibility that the person is indeed not available is very much likely. They could have enabled their flight mode or do not disturb feature.Nonetheless, a collaborated effort of messaging and calling could give you some information about the ground situation.

Calling them from another number:

This can seal the deal if you have another phone at your disposal. Try calling them from another phone and see if you get the same results as you did when you called them from your own number. If the messages and the texts go through, you my friend, have indeed been blocked and its time to bury the hatchet and grab a snack. However, if the messages and the calls fail, it means they are busy and would probably reach you back when available.


The precise knowledge about whether or not you have been blocked by a number is impossible to get. But with a series of basic efforts, you can conclude with a definite surety that you have been blocked or not. These 3 methods are optimum way in digging the truth. If all else fails, you could approach the person directly and learn the truth. Simple and direct.


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