How To Reboot / Restart Chromebook & Shutdown Chromebook?

Uniqueness of Chromebook

Chromebook is a special category of laptops that runs on the OS of Google Chrome and has the majority of its applications in the web cloud, rather than having them as software or apps in the system. Based on Linux programming, it is considered to be somewhat faster than conventional laptops.

However, here comes the unique part about Chromebook- it does not have any restart option like the normal laptops and thus it has often been a query of how to reboot the system in cases of emergencies. But do not worry, as we are here to sort out those queries and provide you the best options for a safe reboot and shutdown of the Chromebook.

Chromebook Reboot / Restart : Best & Safe Methods :

Keeping safety and backup of the working data in mind, the following are some of the safer choices that you have when it comes to rebooting the Chromebook: –

  • Conventional Shut Down

When it comes to the safe ways, the first thing that comes to the mind is the shutdown option given in the Chromebook by default. Just go to the notification area present near the time and date display and click on the Shutdown icon at the top of it.

With this step, you do not have to worry about losing your work as it automatically logs you out of your google account and so all of your working data gets backed up in the cloud. Also, with the power turning off, you can restart it again and start working like normal without having to think much about your data.

  • Hard Reset

Though it is one of the safer methods of rebooting your Chromebook, you must resort to this option only after your other methods have failed, because there are minute chances of some files getting deleted during this process.

The steps to do so include as follows:

  1. Turn off your Chromebook using the previous Shut down option.
  2. Press and hold the refresh button on the keyboard and then press up the power button of the Chromebook.
  3. After the Chromebook gets started, release the refresh button.

Keep in mind that this option might cause you to lose some of the working data and hence use it only under very urgent situations.

  • Using the power button

The third safer method that comes up is using the normal power button. All you have to do is keep the button pressed up for three seconds. As a result, you can kill two birds with one stone- safely log yourself out of your google account and save your working data and also power off the system safely without causing any kind of warning. Post this, you can power on and use the Chromebook like normal times.

Shutdown of Chromebook

It is quite simple and you must be doing it every time you power off the Chromebook. The following are the summarised methods for it: –

  1. At the bottom right, go to the time option and click on the power option.
  2. Press down the power option for 3 seconds for safe power off.
  3. Press the power option until you see a dialog box on the screen to either sign out or power off the system completely.

Thus, to sum it up, you can use these options to reboot and shut down your Chromebook. Just keep in mind about the situation or emergency and then use the requisite one as per the demand. A wrong choice might cause harm to the device or data within it.


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