How to take a Screenshot on an HP laptop?

Bless the day when the gods of technology endowed us with the feature of screenshots. Screenshots have indisputably made our lives easier. We can capture whatever we see on our computer screens and share the same with our friends and family, or even post it on a social media platforms. Whether it be an Instagram feed, a tweet from a celebrity or an image depicting a technical issue, screenshots allow you to share your screen with just a few clicks and taps.

take screenshot on HP Laptop

While capturing a screenshot on a smartphone is easy, capturing the same on HP laptops can also prove to convenient if you know the right ways of achieving it. Let’s take a look at 3 ways through which you can capture screenshot on an HP laptop.

3 Ways to Take a Screenshot on an HP laptop

Keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcuts are a combination of keys that triggers the command of screenshot. In most computers and laptops, the keyboard shortcuts remain the same. One of the most common keyboard shortcuts which is supported by HP laptops in Alt + Prtsc. PrtSc is an abbreviation of print scan and this key can be found in the top-most bar of the function keys in far-right, next to the insert button.

If you press this key and the alt key simultaneously, the screenshot of your screen will be copied to the clipboard and the image can then be pasted on an image editing platform, such as paint, Word, or PowerPoint. Once you are done pasting the image and making necessary edits, if need be, you can save the file just as you save any other word document and share the screenshot with anyone.

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Snip and Sketch:

Snip and Sketch is an exclusive screenshot capturing app available on the Windows. If you have HP laptop that supports this app, which will be likely if you have Windows 10, you can easily capture a screenshot using this application. The best part about this app is, you can capture a screenshot of your full screen or just a part of it.

To do this, launch the application from the search bar. Click on the ‘new’ tab at the top-left corner of the page and a tool bar will appear. This tool bar will consist of numerous screen-capturing options, such as full-screen capture, part-screen capture, Sketch and capture, etc. You can select the option which suits your objective the best and capture the screenshot. On snip and sketch, not only can you capture a screenshot but also edit the image with the help of numerable tools. You can add annotations, change the font and the color and also add an image inside the image.

This comprehensive editing services will leave you awe-struck. You can also summon the snip and sketch toolbar via a keyboard shortcut. Press Windows Key, shift and S key simultaneously. Your screen will go a dim for a while as the app’s toolbar appears on your screen. This shortcut is highly efficacious when you are in a hurry.

Using a third-party application:

To initiate a command on any computing device, you can always take the help of a third-party application if all else fails. In this case, your best bet is the Snagit app which can be installed in the Windows and HP laptops quite easily.

This app is a comprehensive image editing app that enables you to take screenshots and make edits on it as per your wishes. The one limitation of Snagit is that, their services are not free. However, you can get a free-trial of the app to get insights into its functionality and you can see for yourself if its worth the money.


Hp laptops offer seamless services when it comes to getting anything done on a laptop. This claim is evident from the fact that how easy it is to capture a screenshot on hp laptops and make edits on the images that have been captured. Moreover, the expansive ways in which you can capture the screenshots on the laptop provide a scope for everyone. One of the 3 ways that I expounded in this article is bound to work like magic on your device.


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