How to Send a Large Video From iPhone ?

iPhone has an advanced feature of capturing footage with high resolution but you cannot share large video files easily. Email is a good alternative but it too cannot share files larger than 25 MB.So if you want to share large video files, you can adopt alternative ways to share the large video file.

Different Ways to Share / Send Large Video from iPhone ?


             Airdrop is a built in feature in the iPhone devices which has no size limit and is the quickest and easiest method to share files. You need to sign in to iCloud to share files with your friends and the recipient must be physically near your phone device to receive the file via Bluetooth. You can easily share your video files by following the following steps.

  • Make sure the receiving device is nearby the sending device and has turned on Bluetooth or wifi and has enabled airdrop to receive the file by clicking contacts or everyone.
  • Then open the photo app and select the file you want to send.
  • Tap the share icon to send the file via airdrop and enter the name of the recipient. If any recipient is not shown make sure to refresh airdrop again.
  • The recipient will automatically receive the video file and depending on how long your video file is, it will take time accordingly and the video will be transferred in the photos app after successful sharing of the video file.


Iphone users have another apple program to share files via the maildrop. iCloud is used to save your photos, documents, videos in the cloud storage. If you have an iCloud account, then you can share files within the limit of 5GB. If your file is less than 5GB then maildrop is the best option to share files via direct email link.

  • Open the photos app and tap the video you want to share.
  • Then tap the share icon to share the file.
  • Then tap the mail icon and compose your email by writing a message and enter the name and email ID of the recipient.
  • Tap send and if your file is larger than 25 MB, it will automatically give you an option of the maildrop, tap on this icon, and your desired video file will be shared, and make sure to access the enable the setting to view for everyone, the recipient will have 30 days to download the video.

Google drive:

                      Google Drive is a safe place to back up your files on any device using your email ID and it can also be used to transfer large video files with your friends by using their email ID or contact details…It has  15 GB free storage, so you can upload files up to 15GB.

  • Open google drive and click on the option + and start uploading a file you want to share.
  • When the fie is uploaded click on the option: and tap share to send the file directly or tap on link copying and share it via email.

Make sure you have access to the file to be seen by everyone in the access settings option.


Dropbox is a file-sharing app, you can upload and save files so that they can be sored or sent, acts as cloud storage and you can log in to access your files from any device. It is the easiest and flexible way to go share any file with your friend.

  • Tap the + on the dropbox app and click to upload the files from the photos.
  • Click the video you want to upload on dropbox and place it in the specific folder.
  • After the video is uploaded tap the share icon at the upper right corner of your device.
  • Enter the recipient email address and click send to share the fil and video link will be shared. The recipient can open the link to get to view the video.

So with these apps, you can easily share large video files. There are a lot of other apps to share the file like Share it and Microsoft drive or you can use a USB storage device to share and transfer the file with the recipient. Share and transfer files to other devices according to mobile compatibility and device version.


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