How to Take a Picture / Photo on Chromebook ?

Clicking photos in a new manner : Cameras are becoming the next thing in this photogenic world. Be it any purpose and you are sure to find atleast one camera behind it. From fat CRT monitors to slim laptops with front cameras to click pictures and record videos during any online conference, the world has come a long way. Now the main aim of the developers is to optimize these camera designs and enhance their performance to bring out the best. In today’s topic, we would be covering upon How to Use Camera on chromebook and clear a major chunk of the misconceptions and doubts that our Chromebook users have concerning camera usage.

How to Use Chromebook to Capture a Picture ?

Please follow these basic steps to find out the camera app and use it to conduct basic picture and video recording operations:

  1. Select the Launcher option at the bottom-left corner of your Chromebook screen.
  2. Either type Camera or look for the Chromebook Camera App from the list of the applications installed in the device.
  3. As you open the application, you would find a few options on the right side.
  4. Go for Photo->Click shutter to capture a basic photograph.
  5. Go for Video->Start recording to begin with the recording of your video.
  6. Go for Square->Click shutter to capture a square portrait in the Chromebook.

Thus, from these basic steps, you can capture the basic photographs and record simple videos on your Chromebook.

Understanding the settings : Chromebook

Along with learning about how to Access Camera, it is equally important to know about the different settings that come up with the Chromebook camera so that you can give some basic touches to the initial image. The following elucidate those:

  1. Mirror icon to flip the camera’s perspective from left to right and vice-versa
  2. Use gridlines to show the grid on your screen and help you in straightening up the view before clicking the photo
  3. A timer to automatically click the photo based on the time given in the input
  4. Switch camera option, in case, if your device has two in-built cameras or you are connected to the certain external camera via port
  5. Volume button click to allow capture of photo by it in case if your Chromebook is set in tablet motion
  6. Settings icon with the options to change the aspect ratio of the image, camera resolution, send feedback or ask for any help related to the tools or how to Enable Camera

After your photo gets clicked, a thumbnail appears at bottom-right and you can click on it to view the photo. Alternatively, you can go to Files and have a look at the photos or images clicked under the Images folder.

The Alternate applications

In case if you want to go into further editing options in the camera, then you are also free to download image capturing applications from the Play Store enabled in your Chromebook. Have a look at the applications, their developers, reviews, and data security offered before moving on with any kind of download. Remember that safety always comes first and must never be compromised in any manner.

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