Best Instagram Alternatives [ Top Photo Sharing Apps]

With over one billion users, Instagram is undoubtedly the most popular photo-sharing and editing application as well as a social platform for sharing your clips and shots.

Despite its popularity and undisputable leadership; it need not be of your choice or the perfect app to cater to your needs. Moreover, the recent changes in the Instagram app have left many confused.

To make things easy and give you better flexibility to choose; we present alternate apps and sites to Instagram which give a stiff competition to it. Check our list and save yourself the hard work of searching. Read on:

Best Instagram Alternatives for Photo Sharing 2020


If you are a selfie buff, then you can easily up your game with Retrica. The app primarily focuses on selfies and allows you an excellent width to express yourself through them. Compatible with Android and iOS platforms; the app is quite similar to Instagram as it is also a social network and platform for photos and videos.

However, Retrica provides much more than Instagram. It supports GIF image formats and provides you a bundle of fun filters to give you a perfect picture without spending too much time on editing. You can easily make a photo collage here and use the app like a retro photobooth.

You have an option for live video and you can easily turn your videos and snaps into GIF which is far more fun. You can even add stickers, doodle and put stamps on your images and effortlessly share it with friends on your community and other social networks.  It is affable as well as allows you to meet many other interesting people. Free to download and user-friendly app; it’s a must-try for all selfie buffs.


Twitter is a popular social network platform with which most are familiar with. A big part of its appeal is it’s duplicating of Instagram’s photo-filtering capabilities. With its enormous and active community; it is a good alternative to use Instagram like photo-editing capabilities.


This retro-camera Instagram app is different from the crowd in many ways. Foremost, it is not free and works only on the iOS platform. Like Retrica, it also lets you apply filters to a photo. The app has a nifty old-camera-style user interface which will remind you of the 1970s Kodak Instamatic camera. This makes it an ideal choice for creative people passionate about the retro trend.  It also offers group albums. Even though it cannot be deemed as a social network, it allows you to share edited photos via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.
Here is the Link to Get Hipstamatic

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Flickr is even older than Instagram and has undergone some pretty massive overhauls to beat its competition. The app got its revival in 2012 after Instagram had a big privacy kerfuffle. Its photo-filters, editing effects and its slick feed gives you a close but better experience than Instagram. It allows you to share your photo publicly as well as privately within your circle. It also allows cloud storage of photos but it does not facilitate developing stories or posting live videos. But you can upload full-resolution pictures which is a huge plus for professionals. It not only works on Android and iOS platforms but also on the web browser. The app is worth checking out.


This is again an app exclusively for the iOS platform. It emphasizes on giving you a full-screen, immersive experience which is a refreshing break from the square photo layout of Instagram. As is the norm, you can import as well as take pictures from the app, apply filters and make edits to perfect them. It does not automatically save pictures on your phone which is a welcome space-saving move. You can share photos and even follow your friend’s feed. DayFlash app also allows you to add your Instagram username to its profile to remain connected with Instagram as well. It is a terrific alternative for those creators looking to spike up the aesthetics of their pictures.
Download DayFlash Ios App : Link

Vogo Video | Flipagram

Also popularly known as Flipagram; the app allows you to import sound and other music effects into your videos which is a feature not present on Instagram. Thus, your photo slideshows or fun videos create a more powerful impact with a background song or music playing. Thus, it is ideal for digital storytelling.

It also functions as a social network and lets you follow other artists, view their work and even get your posts and videos featured in various fun challenges. The app even has music clips in its library to help you select the most appropriate ones. However, it too works only on the iOS platform.


Compatible with both the iOS and the Android platform; This Instagram alternative is more focused on discovering fun content like funny photos, videos, and animated GIFs that its users have submitted.  Since its main goal is to share it with the community; personal photos and videos sharing is not private and thus limited. But the app is beautifully designed and helps you build your profile from your posting.
Official Site : Click here


Built by photographers; the site aims to show your work in the best possible manner for fun as well as business. You can create a free account but after fourteen days trial; you need to subscribe to any of its four plans which range from $5.99 to $41.99 a month.

The mobile app does not facilitate creating of galleries, folders, and pages but you can upload them directly from the camera roll or photo gallery of your computer and view them on the go. You can easily show them off to just about anybody. It even lets you create a selected and favorite photo collection for quicker access.

One way it supersedes Instagram is that it allows you to download your entire gallery. This makes them available offline which proves highly advantageous for professional photographers. You can also share the images via SMS, Email and social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

You can also follow other members and view their work and follow them for added inspiration.
SmugMug App : Download


The Path is a unique app in many ways. It is a beautiful mix of Instagram and Facebook with a clean UI and a friendly UX. It makes your photo-sharing more intimate and direct by letting you share photos privately with your inner circle only and not with the whole world. You can share everything like videos, pictures and even music and books. The app allows sharing on various other social media platforms and even WordPress.


This is a terrific platform for all those who desire to sell their photos. This free platform is compatible with both Android and iOS and has over 20 million users. The app’s unique feature is that it gives you an Insta-community feel but serves as an equally awesome place for those looking for serious inspiration.

You can snap pictures directly from the app as well as import them from your computer or camera roll. You can apply filters to them, edit them and even tag them to help potential buyers discover your work. One terrific feature in EyeEm is the scanning of the images and selecting out few pictures with the highest aesthetic score inferred from its algorithm. The process is safe and private as the scanning is not performed on their servers but on your mobile device. The app is definitely worth trying both for inspiration and money-earning.
Official website : Link


VSCO stands for Visual Supply Community. It is not only one of the best mobile photo-editing software but is also popular as a community. It aims to create a community of highly creative photographers. Thus, you can view works here that are not only of high quality but also bursts with innovation.

You can easily upload, edit and post pictures here. It gives you a full-feature photo editing studio and some unique filters to give you stunning outputs. The app focuses less on winning ‘likes’ but more on sharing and showing off your work. It does not have a section for comments and also keeps your number of followers hidden. Its ‘discover’ section lets you find and follow other photographers to enhance your skills.

The app has both free and a premium paid package. With the paid package, you get access to presets and many extra tools for editing and tutorials to enhance your work.

Wrapping up

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are several other popular Instagram-like apps like the Ello, Stellar, SW/NG, 500px, Oggl, Galaxia, Pixlr and many others. The list is almost endless. Even though Instagram rules the roost;many other photo-sharing and editing apps are just as impressive and even better. We hope you will try them and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

Chime in below if you know of some other awesome photo editing and sharing app that we may have missed! Till then enjoy and do not forget sharing this post with your friends and all other photo buffs!


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