Fix “Logging into Facebook using an embedded browser has been disabled” Error.

We have been receiving messages and On Q@A sites like Quora we have seen users asking a about an error i.e. “For your account security,” Logging into Facebook using an embedded browser has been disabled. 

In this article we are going to address the issue as many Facebook Users are literally wasting their time in resolving this issue. So, without wasting more time we will see all the possible ways to resolve “Logging into Facebook using an embedded browser has been disabled” error.

Before learning on how to enable Logging into Facebook using an embedded browser, we want you to know why Facebook as disabled this unique feature.

Why Facebook Disabled ” Logging Using an embedded browser” feature ?

Facebook’s new regulation in securing their users accounts and sensitive data has both positive as well as negative implications. Here we are going to discuss few issues which forced Facebook to disable ” Logging Using an embedded browser” feature.

To Prevent MOD Apps and Game Apps from Saving User Data

This regulation was made to ensure that MOD apps and games cannot save user data, which in turn secures the privacy of Facebook user.

If you attempt to log into a MOD app or game, you will see the following warning: “For the account’s safety, logging in from an embedded browser is blocked.”

This feature was incorporated only to secure users Privacy information. Ofcourse you can bypass and enable “Logging Using an embedded browser” feature.

Different Ways fix “logging into Facebook using an embedded browser has been disabled”. [ How to Enable ? ]

1) Turn on ‘Links open externally’ in Facebook

You can resolve the problem of “Logging into Facebook using an embedded browser is disabled” by visiting the Facebook account settings page and enabling the “Links open externally” option.

This means that if you attempt to open Facebook via an embedded browser-based game or app, it will not display an error message. Instead, you’ll be taken to another browser.

If an app or game tries to steal your data using the embedded browser, it will fail. The default browser would open the app.

Log in to your Facebook account

Click on the menu & then Settings & Privacy option

Under Settings, Choose Media from the Preferences menu.

Scroll down until you find the “Links open Externally” box. Click it to confirm.

This error should be fixed once you enable the “Links open externally” option.

2) Use the Web Version of Facebook

Open your web browser on a smartphone that has web access. Open through your web browser [ Google Chrome or Safari ]. You can resolve the issue by following this procedure.

It is possible to save time by adding Facebook in the bookmarks section to your phone. The Facebook mobile website is compatible with most mobile browsers.

a) Set Google Chrome as your default browser

It is easy to set Google Chrome your default browser if you are certain. Google Chrome is pre-installed on almost all Android phones so that you don’t have to install any new apps. 

Step by Step Procedure to make Google Chrome as default Browser

  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap App Management.
  • Tap the default apps.
  • Tap Browser app.
  • Google Chrome is available.
  • Google Chrome is now the default web browser.

3) Report the Issue to Facebook App Developer.

Facebook regulations can cause many problems. Although you may eventually find the solution, it will take a lot more time. It is better to contact the app or website developer for a quick solution.

To get the problem fixed properly, be clear and concise with what error message you receive.

Conclusion : By following the above three ways we are 100% sure that you can easily fix “ Logging into Facebook Using an embedded browser is disabled” error. Any queries or suggestions please do let us know in the comments section.


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