How to Open Desktop Version of Youtube in iPhone & Android ?

Open Desktop Version of Youtube

Youtube has come a long way out from being a simple video streaming platform. Now, not only does it offer information, but also acts as the forum to create a fortune for beginners. What started as a simple desktop website has now entered into the mobile world and taken the form of an authorized application to further ease access to the contents.

Some of the classy features that define the mobile app of Youtube include- user profile customization via dark mode and annotations, enhanced touch screen experience, flexible streaming quality, and speed, offline viewing of videos (something that is not available on the website), and many more.

But, there would also be times when you would be requiring the desktop version of Youtube to run on the mobile. It may be a bit tricky, but not completely impossible. Therefore, read more to find about it.

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Playing with the Android settings

First, we would discuss opening the website version on Android. By default, whenever you would try opening the website on the Google app, it would redirect you to the app and this keeps repeating in cycles. It is because the Google app is present on the home screen and it quickly connects with other similar apps.

Therefore, some of the alternatives to access the website include the following:

  • Go to the Google Chrome browser on your device and then launch the Youtube website. It is one of the quickest methods to access the desktop website version on mobile. 
  • Another alternative goes by launching the Chrome app and then entering into the settings. Here, you can find a checkbox for Desktop, that allows you to access the websites in the same fashion as that of the desktops. Thus, you would be able to view the same for Youtube (just in a miniature version and you might have to do adjustments on the view orientation).

Do not worry about the desktop version, as you can still play with the original features like view history, advanced search options, and many more.

Playing with the iPhone settings

You can also go for the alternatives to play out Youtube in desktop mode on the iPhone platform. Before this, ensure that the JavaScript is turned on in Safari since you would not be able to access pivotal Youtube features without it.

Go for Settings->Safari->Advanced->JavaScript->Turn on the toggle button.

Then go for either of these alternatives:

  • Open the Safari browser on iPhone and type the desktop URL version of Youtube in the search bar. It would redirect you to the same and then you can enjoy the features like the original desktop mode.
  • Alternatively, you can also simply type in the search bar and click on go. It would redirect you to the mobile version of the website and then you can tap the triple dots at the right of the screen to activate the Desktop option from the drop-down.
  • In iOS 9 and later versions, you can also hit on the refresh button after entering on the search bar and receive the option of ‘Request Desktop Site’. It would do the needful and you can reach out to the required format.
  • As a shortcut, the regularly visited websites appear frequently on the Bookmarks and you can always hit on it to directly enter into the desktop form of Youtube.

With this, we conclude on our take for accessing the desktop version of Youtube on iPhone and Android. Reach out to us in case of further queries and they would get answered soon.


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