How to Open / Start Outlook in Safe Mode ?

Microsoft Outlook is the most preferred commercial platform for the sharing of emails. A majority of the organizations switch to it due to the business-centric features offered by it, like high storage space, signature options, professional formatting features, and the list goes on.

And just like the other Microsoft Professional products, it comes with safety features like Safe mode to aid the users in ensuring proper data safety. There would be times when you would experience problems in Outlook (like features behaving strangely, new updates slowing down the system, and others).

Then, it is highly recommended to launch the software in Safe Mode and report the issue to developers. If you are unaware of this process, do not worry as we are here to aid you in the process. Read on to find more in the blog of the day.

What is Safe Mode in Outlook ?

Outlook Safe mode is a feature of the software, where you can launch it with restrictions on some of the features that often cause troubles. In other words, until you are in this mode, you would find differences between the normal way of working of the software.

It simply eliminates the third-party add-ins associated with the software and allows the loading of only the necessary files into the system. You can go for the mode in either of the following cases:

  • The software crashing unexpectedly and having a greater frequency per day.
  • Some features not working as per the intended use.
  • Unable to access the inboxes and emails.

Different Ways to Open or Start Outlook in Safe Mode

Outlook Safe Mode with CTRL Key

Go for the following steps to launch the safe mode of Outlook at the convenience of keyboard shortcuts:

  • Find the Outlook icon either on the screen or start menu of the system. [ Type Outlook in search ]
Outlook Safe mode
  • Hold Ctrl and then click on the icon.
  • A prompt would come up to ask you if you would be entering into the software in safe mode.
Start Outlook in Safe Mode
  • Click on yes and then you would be re-directed to the safe mode of software (with no third-party add-ins and limitations on the other features also).

Opening Outlook Safe Mode in the Run command

Go for the following steps to execute Safe mode in this method:

  • Launch the Run box by using the shortcut of Windows+ R keys.
  • Type the command ‘outlook.exe /safe’ and then hit on enter.
Outlook Safe mode command prompt
  • The software would open up in a safe mode and would prompt you to choose the default profile.

Using command prompt

The command prompt is the handiest tool in overall Windows OS and helps you out from any situation, with its simple lines of command. Go for the following steps to launch the software in this method:

  • Launch Command Prompt in Windows.

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  • Enter the path of the Outlook executable file in the prompt window and ensure that the same are kept within double-quotes.

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\Outlook.exe”

  • Then press space, type /safe, and hit on enter.

“C: \Program Files\Microsoft office\root\Office16\outlook.exe” /Safe”

  • The Outlook would get launched on the safe mode.

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Using Cortana

How can you forget your friend, Cortana when it comes to looking for shortcut methods to launch Outlook in safe mode? Just enter outlook.exe/ safe on the Cortana Search bar and the software would get launched similarly (as easy as it sounds).

Changing the execution format in shortcut

In case if you have the Outlook shortcut icon on the desktop, then follow the given steps to complete the process:

  • Hit on right-click and choose the Properties option at the bottom of the menu.
  • Go to the box that says Target and it shows the full path to Outlook executable file.
  • Just go to the end of the path and type /safe. It would change the type of file to safe mode.
  • Click on Apply to confirm the changes.

Now, every time that you launch the software, it would open up in the Safe mode. In case if you want to run the software normally, then just follow the steps above and remove /safe at the end of the path.

The next actionable steps

Post launching Outlook in safe mode, you can now start working on fixing the error. If you think that the problem is caused due to some faulty add-ins, then deactivate the same in the software by the given path:

File->Options->Add-ins (at the left corner)->Select COM Add-ins near the Manage option at the bottom->Go.

Then, the list of add-ins associated with the software can be viewed and you can choose to manually play with the settings. This would help you in deciding the exact culprit.

Alternatively, if you think that add-in is not the issue, then immediately report to the developer and they would take the issue forward. Till then, prefer using Outlook in safe mode.

Let us know of your queries and concerns in the comments section and they would get answered instantaneously.


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