How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android ?

So you are here to know how to recover a deleted text message on your Android Phone..Right ? After going through a couple of blogs,forums ,Youtube Videos  and by doing intensive research we have put together all the best ways to retrieve deleted text messages on your Android Smartphone.

Without realizing the importance of a file i.e. a photo,screenshot, text message , we sometimes delete it from our phone. A few times this may happen accidentally. 

Only after the deletion we get to know about its significance, and we try hard to get it back. But recovering a deleted message on Android is not straightforward like a childsplay.

Recovering the deleted text message on iPhone is a five-finger exercise  and on Windows we have a recycle bin where the deleted files reside for a period of time , from which we can restore the file if it is indispensable.

We have gathered all the possible ways to bring back the text messages which were deleted from your Android phone.

Can We Retrieve the deleted text messages on Android Phone ? 

Hope you are aware of the fact that deleting a file from your PC or Android won’t go away at once. Maybe you can’t see, but it remains in the memory in an inactive and indiscernible state.

There is a faintest chance of recovering it. Only if the space/memory occupied by the text message is not replaced or overwritten by a new file. Unfortunately if the text message file is erased and replaced by a new file, then it is next to impossible to restore it.

So if you want to recover the deleted text message, then it is better to stop using the phone [ maybe you can turn on the airplane mode ] so the new data may not get into your phone. You are indirectly preventing the old data which you have deleted earlier from getting swapped by the new one.

In case if you are actively using your phone, then the probability of recovering a text message may become zero, because the new data takes the place of your text messages.

Now comb the internet for the best SMS recovery application and install it on your Android Phone. We suggest you to download Dr Fone, an exceptional  data recovery app for android. 

You can directly download Dr Fone App from Google Play store.

There are few alternatives for Data recovery application i.e. Jihosoft,Aiseesoft etc but Dr Fone is unparalleled.

Enable Auto Backup &  Store Text Messages on Android Phone

A popular quote from Desiderius Erasmus is “Prevention is better than Cure” which perfectly explains the situation. Instead of looking for ways to recover the data, it is better to backup the data and store it in the SD card or cloud storage.

Nowadays Android Smartphones come with the “Auto Backup” feature. You can automatically backup your data at night time. Verify and ensure that you are connected to wifi when you are making  auto backup to cloud. Only thing is you need to enable this feature.

You can simply restore and Retrieve deleted messages on Samsung S10,S20,Note 10,Lg G8 and on all premium Android Phones.

Android Apps for SMS [ Text Message ] Backup & Restore 

Apart from the default way of data backup, there are many third party apps on Google play store, which are specially designed to Backup SMS and restore them.

There are a myriad of SMS Backup and Restore apps on Play store and we advocate you to download this Android App, which is a best bet.

 A non-complex app whose sole purpose is to backup and get back on SMS,MMS,messages & Call Logs. Without existing backup,you cannot have access to deleted messages and this app cannot retrieve text messages for you.Please keep in mind that this is a simple SMS backup and restore app, but not Data recovery App.


Don’t delete the text message or any file, before your phone creates a backup on SD Card or Cloud storage. Once you have an existing backup, it would be like a cake walk to restore deleted text messages on Android Phone.

Lamentably , if you had deleted the text message before backup, then retrieving it is a wearisome task with no assurance of recovery.


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