How to Remove Credit Card from Amazon Account ?

Remove Credit Card from Amazon Account

The onset of e-commerce websites has made things very convenient for regular buyers. Now, they do not need to visit the physical shops any longer or wait in the long queues for their turn to come up. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has further strengthened the grip on such websites.

With just a few clicks and choices, now you can easily own the favorite piece that you have been aiming for a long time. And the fun fact is that there are no limitations in terms of the payment methods.

Based on your convenience, you can choose to pay by Cash on Delivery, Online Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card, Amazon Pay, or other e-wallet options. You would be going for the online methods in case of any offer associated with it or earning hefty cashback.

When it comes to Amazon, you gain a good amount of control over your payment methods i.e. you can easily add or delete any payment method. The upcoming content speaks in further detail on the Remove Payment method by the credit card.

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Reasons to Remove Credit Card Payment from Amazon Account

When you have thought about removing any payment system, then the reason must be quite a compelling one. The following enlists some of the popular reasons for doing so:

  1. Expiry of the existing card.
  2. The customer having deactivated it and switched to some other service provider.
  3. Too many payment methods are added to the account to add to the overall confusion of the user.
  4. The credit card is stolen or damaged during usage.

In any of these cases, it is very essential to remove the payment method associated with it. As a result, you can avoid any kind of malicious use intended by hackers or other internet devils.

Removing the payment system from Amazon

Now, the addition and deletion of the credit card method in Amazon have become very effortless. All you need to do is follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to either the website version of Amazon on PC or laptop or its app on mobile devices.
  2. Go to the option of ‘Accounts and Lists’ and select ‘Your Account’ from the drop-down appearing in it.
  3. A list of information related to the account would pop up. Scroll down towards ‘Payment options’.
  4. Select on it and you would find the list of cards or wallets associated with the account.
  5. Hit on the down arrow present at the right of the credit card option and click on Remove.
  6. Press on the confirm option and accordingly the card would be deleted from the system.

The changes would get automatically updated in all of the devices where the Amazon account is linked.

You can always select to add back the payment method in the future, as per your requirements. Just follow the steps mentioned above and instead of the remove option, select the add option.

With this, we conclude with the blog. Let us know of your queries or suggestions in the comments section and they would be answered at the earliest. .


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