How to Repost a Post on Instagram ?

If you look at the core of social media; it is its ability to let us share and reshare all kinds of content, text, audio, video and even any combinations of them. It is what constitutes its interactive experience. While retweeting on Twitter or reposting and sharing is easy on Facebook; the same is not the case with Instagram.

Instagram is one of the leading picture-sharing platforms. It has a simple and clean interface that allows you to post beautiful pictures as well as interesting videos.

Instagram lets you share content easily with other platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Slack, GroupMe, etc. But it does not facilitate easy sharing, reposting or regramming of content on its own platform. This is because that is no direct tab on it like Facebook or twitter which facilitates the sharing of content of another Instagram user with your followers.

But there are ways to repost and regram pictures and videos on Instagram and take your marketing strategy to the next level. It involves a bit more work. Let’s check them out.

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Rules to follow for Re-posting a Post on Instagram

Even though it is possible to repost on Instagram; you should be aware of Instagram’s ‘Terms of Use.’ If you infringe on any copyright laws; your account would be disabled. Hence, you must follow a few ground rules before you start reposting. They are:

  • Always obtain permission

You must always have permission from the original owner of the photo to repost it. This keeps you on the right side of the law.

To obtain permission, you can click on the arrow icon underneath the photo and send it back to the owner seeking permission to repost it. You need to ensure that you are sending the right image that you wish to share.

You can also comment on the photo, start a conversation and then seek permission. Another way is to obtain the email address; start a mail thread and obtain explicit permission after ironing out details in case you are using the photo for business purpose.

  • Always give credit

The second rule is to always give full credit to the owner of the photo. This can be done easily by tagging them in the caption so that all become aware of the original owner.

Ways to Repost a Photo on Instagram

Once you have obtained the permission, you can repost the photo in multiple ways. Few of the most popular ways are:

  • Manual method

Sharing via a screengrab is the simplest and the oldest method of reposting on Instagram. For it, you need to first take the screenshot of the picture that you want to share from your mobile device.

In an iOS device, it can be done by hitting the home and power buttons simultaneously. In the Android phone, it can be done by hitting the volume down and power button simultaneously. Once the image is saved, you can open Instagram and upload the photo after resizing it or cropping it. Remember to caption the image, tag the original creator and give him/her credit.

This method works only for photos and not for videos.

  • Reposting as part of a story

In this method, you can share another person’s post as part of your Instagram story but as a sticker. This feature was added to Instagram in May 2018 and has been serving its purpose well. You will find an airplane icon below all the photos.

When you click on this icon below the picture that you want to share; you will get an option, ‘Add Post to Your Story.’ Clicking on it will show the image as a sticker with a customized background. You can change the background, scale the photo, rotate and make it best for your story. You will also be able to add the caption to it. Once done, click on ‘Your Story’ to have it posted in your story.

Anybody who sees your story will be able to click the embedded item and go to the original post.

  • Using third-party apps

Even though there is no inbuilt sharing option in Instagram, there are several third-party apps which help you do the job in almost half the time required by the methods discussed do so far. Let’s check out a few of the most popular and credible apps that are in vogue.

Sprout SocialIt is an official partner of Instagram and thus offers the repost function as well as the auto-publishing function through its mobile app.

To regram post from it, you click on the three dots that you will find on the upper right corner of the post you wish to share. You will get a link that you can now copy. Now open the app and click on the in-app notification, ‘Found Instagram Share Link! Tap to Reshare.’ When you click on it, you will get two options: ‘Schedule or Queue’ and “Repost Now.’ You can select any. You will find the account’s name, user name and even the caption lines copies over. You will have the option to edit them if you wish. Post it, the picture will get automatically published. If desired, you can also schedule to post later. A difference with this app is that the pictures are not watermarked here which makes your sharing looks seamless.

The method is the same for other third-party apps like Repost, Buffer, etc. They would do the job perfectly for you. If you wish to spread the post further in social media and other platforms for your business, you can use professional apps like Websta and Iconosquare but they can charge you for sharing. These apps send you a ready-to-share link on your email for you to post at various places.

These apps also allow you to share videos which is not possible with any other methods.

Download the image and Share as a New Post On Instagram : Downloadgram

If you wish to download a picture straight on your PC or mobile device; you can use the app DownloadGram. You can copy the link of the Instagram, paste it inside the app and click on ‘Download’ and then ‘Download Image.’ The picture would appear in your device. You can then create a fresh post on Instagram and share the content.

Wrapping up

We hope that by now you will be well-versed with ways to reshare posts on Instagram. The way is not straightforward at the moment but it does get your aim realized. You can resort to any of the methods that you are comfortable in. Do let us know which method worked for you and if we have missed on anything. Shout down to us freely with your suggestions, feedback, and queries in the comments box below. Till then, Happy Reading!


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