How to retrieve deleted text messages from Android and iOS / iPhone ?

Accidentally deleting important text messages can prove to be beyond painful, especially if the messages contained crucial information. Some time, deliberately deleted messages can also surface as important. On such moments, we can go to any lengths to retrieve these texts. Thankfully, you can easily recover deleted messages on Android and iPhone operating systems.

This can help you immensely in re-surfacing important texts which hitherto you thought no longer existed. This can be done in numerous ways. In this piece, I have expounded the easiest methods of retrieving deleted text messages on both, the Android and iPhone operating system. 

3 Ways to retrieve deleted text messages on Android

Recovering deleted texts is comparatively more difficult on Android than iPhone since the former does not have a built-in system of backup. However, there are plenty of other ways of creating backup for your data on android phones. The restoration is also simple as deleted data remains in the system of your phone for a definite duration.

You can retrieve the deleted messages on an Android phone quite easily if you know the right steps. However, these methods won’t work if you are attempting to retrieve messages that were deleted a long time ago. Let’s take a look at the 2 ways via which you can recover deleted messages on Android.

Google Drive Backup:

If you have enabled the Google drive backup feature on your phone, chances are the operating system made a backup of your text messages as well. You can only recover the data if the date of deletion falls within the duration of the retrievable window. This duration varies from brand to brand. However, on an average, you can recover 7 days old deleted messages.

To avail this means, your phone should be backed up through the google drive. This can be done by going into the settings of the Google drive and then clicking on the “SMS messages”. The drive will automatically backup your messages if it has been enabled. Therefore, if you want to recover any deleted messages, you can do so via the google drive. It is similar to the iCloud feature of the iPhone.

Using a third-party application:

You can find plenty of Message recovery apps on the Google play store that safely recovers your message history over a certain period. However, the limitation of using an external application to recover messages is that you might have to pay a fee. This could be a one-time fee or a subscription fee for an entire month.

The hack to this is, find an app that offers a free-trial of a week or a month. Subscribe for the free-trial and cancel the subscription as soon as your ends have been met. A word of advice: Read the reviews of the app before subscribing for the full membership or even a free trial. Staggering number of apps turn out to be fraudulent. The review section of the application can give you unreal insight about the app and aid you in deciding whether or not you can trust it.

Ask the sender to re-send:

If all else fails, there is always the option of asking the sender to re-send you the message. It is advised to come up with an infallible excuse for why you thought deleting their conversation was a good idea, you know, to avoid any awkwardness. And no, “my friend accidentally did it” does not count as a fitting excuse. It should be creative and seemingly genuine. Although, it may not even come to this. The above-mentioned ways should be of adequate assistance in recovering deleted messages on an Android phone.

2 Ways to recover deleted messages on iPhone

Apple Inc. are mind-numbingly good at having your back at every turn. They have a comprehensive system of backing up your data, from the pictures and videos to your message history. The built-in system of the iOS automatically makes a backup of everything, if the feature has been enabled. And even if you have forgotten to do so, iOS is going to drive you crazy with all the notifications. So, its hard to ignore all the pleading the iOS does. Let’s take a look at the 2 ways in which you can recover the deleted messages on iPhone operating system.

iCloud backup:

iCloud is the storage service from the Apple Inc. It is a meticulous and comprehensive storage system that saves all the facets of your phone, including the deleted data for a short duration. Needless to say, if you have accidentally deleted an important conversation, iCloud is your best bet. If you have enabled the automatic backup, which you must have considering the constant pleading of the iOS, you can easily recover the deleted conversation.

To recover the data from iCloud backup, go to the settings of your iPhone. Click on the top-most tab that spells out your name. Scroll down to the ‘iCloud’ tab and press it. Now scroll down and locate the tab that says “iCloud Backup”. It will let you know whether or not you have enabled the backup. Needless to say, if there is no backup, this method is futile to you. Thus, if you are one of the poor noodles who don’t have backup, scroll down to follow the steps of the next method. For all the geniuses who have made a backup, keep reading.

Notice the date of the last backup. It will be given under the “Back Up now” particular. If the date of the last back up is after the date when the message history you are looking for was deleted, then you are in luck! The next steps consist of wiping off the entire data of your iPhone and restoring it all.

To do this, go to the settings of the iPhone. Tap on ‘General’. Scroll down to the tab that says ‘reset’ and tap. Out of the given options, click on ‘erase all content and settings’. Subsequently, press on ‘erase now’ and confirm. Do not press on ‘backup and erase’. Voila, you are all set to recover the deleted message history.

The entire data of your phone is now erased, but fret not, its safe in the backup of the iCloud. To get the ball rolling, press on ‘restore from iCloud backup’ when the setting-up protocol of the iPhone comes to ‘Apps and data’. The system will ask you to enter your pass-code and to sign in to the iCloud. Select the latest backup from the list of all the backups that are available. When all’s been done, you will find the message history you were looking in the iMessage.

Using a third-party application:

You can find ample apps on the App Store that can assist you in recovering deleted messages and creating an external backup. Moreover, you can also retrieve the data if it has been synced with your computer. On your Mac OS, you can recover the deleted messages from the iTunes or Finder. For this, connect your iPhone to your Mac using the data cable. Once connected, you can find your device in the finder of the computer. Locate the tab that says ‘manage backup’ and the available backups will be listed on your screen. You are now all set to have your messages recovered.


Having an important conversation deleted can be heart-breaking. However, all is not lost. Chances are, you have all your deleted data somewhere on your phone, you just need to find it. It is consummately possible to recover any data, especially if they have been nicely backed up. These methods can prove to be abundantly helpful in recovering the deleted messages on Android and iPhone operating systems.  


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