Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilization Rankings : A Comprehensive Guide

In Rise of Kingdoms, choosing the right civilization is a critical decision. There is a debate among players about which civilization is the best, with some arguing that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The best civilization varies based on different factors, such as the stage of the game, the playstyle, and the player’s goals.

rise of kingdoms ranking nation

In the early game, China and Britain are considered the best options. Sun Tzu, the leader of China, offers a boost to troop defense and action point recovery, while Britain has combat-focused boosts.

In the mid-game, Germany stands out with its fast action point recovery and troop building speed.

In the late-game, the Ottoman Empire is the top pick for its increased archer damage, march speed, and skill damage. Other good choices for combat include China, France, and Korea.

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The Top Civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms : Tier List

A tier list for the best civilizations in each stage of the game is as follows:

Rise of Kingdoms : Early-game:
S Tier – China & Britain
D Tier – France & Korea
B Tier – Arabia & Rome
C Tier – Byzantium, Spain & Japan
A Tier – Germany, Vikings , Ottoman Empire

Rise of Kingdoms : Mid-game:
A Tier – China & Britain
B Tier – Vikings, Korea, Japan, Ottoman Empire
C Tier – Spain France & Arabia
D Tier – Byzantium & Rome
S Tier – Germany

Rise of Kingdoms : Late-game:
A Tier List – Vikings China & Japan
B Tier – Britain & Germany
C Tier – Arabia & Spain
D Tier – Byzantium & Rome
S Tier – Ottoman Empire, France & Korea

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