Roblox DOORS Hotel Update: A Guide to the New Entities and Their Roles

The Roblox DOORS game is an engaging adventure where players navigate through various rooms to survive. With the latest Hotel update, players are now faced with even greater challenges and new elements to learn. This guide is for those interested in discovering the new entities introduced in the update.

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Roblox Doors New Entities Update

Six new entities have been added to the game as part of the Hotel update. These entities can be friendly, offering players items for sale, or they can be dangerous, threatening the player’s survival. The new entities include Dupe, Void, Snare, Jeff, El Goblino, and Bob.

Dupe is a numbered door with an incorrect number. To avoid falling prey to this entity, players must be attentive to the correct next door and not enter the incorrect one.

Void is a new entity that may or may not have a physical appearance and appears as a black void to the player. It serves the purpose of returning players to the rest of the group if they have wandered too far away and poses no harm to the player.

Snare is a green monster that can randomly appear in a room in The Greenhouse. If a player steps on Snare, they will be trapped for a period of 3-4 seconds. To avoid this entity, players should carry a light source in The Greenhouse to avoid accidentally stepping into Snare.

Jeff is a friendly entity that operates a shop in the game, offering various items for sale, including the Crucifix.

El Goblino is a red, goblin-like entity that appears at Jeff’s shop. It is one of the only entities that players can chat with and has a randomly chosen set of dialogue.

Bob is another friendly entity that can be encountered at Jeff’s shop. Players can interact with Bob, but nothing significant happens. However, there is a rare chance that Bob may trigger a jump scare.

This new Hotel update in Roblox DOORS brings new levels of excitement to the game with its six new entities. Each entity has its unique role in the game, whether it’s to avoid danger or purchase useful items. By understanding the purpose of each entity, players can confidently navigate through the rooms of Roblox DOORS and have a more enjoyable gaming experience.


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