How to Turn on or Set up Mobile Hotspot on Android ?

No one in today’s time can challenge the power of the internet or the gifts offered by it. Gone are the days of investing a significant amount to get a limited bandwidth or quota for an entire month. Now, the mobile plans have been developed in a manner to give sufficient access on regular basis.

Currently, in India, several mobile operators have upgraded their services accordingly to fit well into the internet usage by the general public. And to add as a cakewalk, now you can also share the mobile internet with other devices to provide them access to the same.

In simple words, you can create your handset as a hotspot or mini Wi-Fi system. In our blog for the day, we would be discussing in detail setting up a hotspot on Android devices.

How can we Setup Mobile Hotspot on Android Phone ?

Method 1: Settings on Android

In all of the Android devices, there is an in-built setting allowing the device to get created as a hotspot. It is either available as a button in the drop-down menu of the home screen or as an option in the settings.

Follow the given steps to set up the same:

  • Open up the Settings on your device.
  • Go to Network and Internet->Hotspot and Tethering.
  • Hit on Wi-Fi Hotspot and it opens up the page for prompting the same to either turn on or off.
  • Alternatively, you can also directly hit on the hotspot button in the drop-down menu to create the same within a few seconds.

Additionally, in the settings, you can customize the network name, security type, password, hotspot off in case of inactivity, and others.

There might be some differences in the UI of your device. Thus if you are struggling to find the hotspot button, immediately refer to the respective brand’s website.

Method 2: Setting up via USB Cable

There is an alternative method of setting up a device hotspot by using the USB Cable. This method works generally in the older versions of Android and could come in handy only when the first method does not work.

Thus go for the steps mentioned below to set up the same:

  • Connect your device to the PC or laptop via the USB cable.
  • After the PC sets up the connection with the device, go to the Settings of the latter.
  • Hit on the Network and Internet option.
  • Go to Hotspot and Tethering and then scroll down to USB tethering.
  • Hit on it to turn on.

Note that there would be speed differences in this method when compared to the previous one. And when you prefer bluetooth sharing, then be ready to face the slowest possible connection in the world.

Method 3: Via third-party apps

There are several applications in the Google Play Store and browser for setting up the Android hotspot. If your in-built setting is struggling to keep up with the hotspot requirements, then you can always switch to these apps.

But remember to have a proper look at its reviews, developer, and certifications before allowing any to be installed in the device. And we would recommend this to you only when the above methods are failing to work out.

With this, we conclude on our take of the methods to create a mobile hotspot on Android.


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