19 Sites Like Craigslist to Buy & Sell in 2023 [ Craigslist Alternatives ]

Craigslist Alternatives

Online Selling & Buying Sites like Craigslist: When it comes to online buying and selling, Craigslist will be the first name to come in anybody’s mind. Probably the biggest online marketplace for classifieds Craigslist enables you to buy and sell almost anything, even cars and houses. Craigslist came up in 1995 as a simple mailing list and has evolved into a premier website where we can buy, sell, rent or apply for almost anything. However, sometimes when looking for additional options you might require visiting similar websites like Craigslist. In this post, we are going to share with you 19 best sites like Craigslist and some are sites better than Craigslist. Let us have a look.

19 Top Websites Similar to Craigslist | Best Sites & Apps like Craigslist

Oodle :

Oodle, along with acting as its own classified advertisement service, also brings up entries from eBay etc. thus making the search experience much better than Craigslist.

Oodle is probably the biggest rival of Craigslist. Even you can apply plenty of filters while searching for something specific on Oodle.

Oodle can also be linked to your social media accounts such as Facebook. When you connect your Facebook account with Oodle; it places your name as well as photograph along with your Oodle Post. This makes your post gain the element of trust. This type of security is rarely found on Craigslist thus making Oodle a part of the sites better than Craigslist in certain aspects.

Facebook Marketplace

As clear from the name this feature is provided by Facebook and you need to have a Facebook account in order to access the marketplace. You can also access Facebook Marketplace via the Facebook application on your smartphone.

Just like Oodle, posting on the Facebook Marketplace will attach your name as well as photograph along with the post making the site safe, secure, protected and trustworthy, unlike Craigslist where almost all the entries are anonymous.

Offer Up

Since Offer Up is available as an app on Android as well as iPhone you get an app similar to Craigslist by opting for Offer Up.

To make your experience more secure, the website has an ID verification service plus the application also displays if you have any Facebook friends in common thus offering an extra level of security.

Offer Up also provides a haggle option through which you can negotiate the price with the owner and settle for a lower price. Along with this, a ‘Watch’ option is also provided to keep a tab on any particular posting that you wish to buy.


As the name suggests on Recycler people swap items. Recycler works on the concept of exchanging goods and services instead of money.

Although the site is providing money transactions as well, the concept underneath this website remains the same.


Bookoo is one of the online places like Craigslist that provides websites for various cities around the country. As of now, it is not covering that many cities as compared to Craigslist but its user base and reaches is expanding pretty fast.

Bookoo also lets you see a small bio of the seller so that you can understand exactly the need of the seller.


Letgo is one of the most popular online selling sites like Craigslist. Similar to Offer Up; Letgo has applications on Android as well as the iOS operating system.

For using the application, you just need to create an account and then you are good to go. Snap images of the items you want to sell and upload. For shopping; search and filtration options are available.

Varage Sale

Varage Sale is completely different as compared to other free advertising sites. Varage Sale offers you to be a part of online as well as the offline selling community. The offline selling community includes users that reside in your local area and are living close by so as to make selling simpler.

This makes Varage Sale one of the best alternatives if you are looking for local selling sites. Varage Sale also has an Android as well as iOS application.

Ads Globe

As you can infer from the name this website is an international buy and sell website. As you reach the webpage the website will automatically detect your location. You can use the option of ‘Change Location’ in case there is a mismatch.

You need to sign up and create a member account here. Ads Globe also provides the facility of logging in through your Facebook account. People usually sell products belonging to the categories like merchandise, automobiles, real estate, rental, and pets and also travel.

The Online Yard Sale

Similar to Varage Sale, The Online Yard Sell is also a buy and sell website. However, its reach is not limited to your neighborhood but all over the world just like other for sale sites like Craigslist.

However, all the items which are present on this website are those which are usually sold at your local garage sale. So, you actually look all over the world but get the experience as if you are browsing your neighborhood itself.

As of now, not many listings are available on this website, but it is expected to grow.


OLX has its presence in more than 100 countries and is one of the best sites similar to Craigslist. You can log in using your mobile number or create an account on it.

Your location is automatically detected and all items near you are displayed on the home page of this website. Products belonging to almost every category are available on this application.

If we talk about the countries where OLX is established it is not just other sites like Craigslist but is actually one of the sites better than Craigslist.

If you are looking for an app similar to Craigslist and if OLX is active in your region, then I will recommend going with OLX as it has Android as well as iOS applications available.

eBay Classifieds

Did you know that eBay is one of the free classified sites like Craigslist? eBay has a section of classifieds browsing which you can buy and sell products with members belonging to your community.

Although you won’t find much of listing in the section you can expect it to grow since eBay is behind it.


If you live in Canada and are looking for sites like Craigslist personals then you can go with Kijiji. This is actually a local version of Craigslist in Canada.

In Canada, Kijiji is one of the most popular free classified sites like Craigslist. It has over 7,000,000 classifieds listed on it and the number is increasing every day.

It is a great buy and sells website. Kijiji also provides sections for resumes, services, jobs as well as vacation rentals. If you can think of it then it will be definitely available on Kijiji.

Unlike other websites like Craigslist, Kijiji also provides the facility to upload a video with the product so as to give the potential buyers a better description of the product. So, along with photographs, you can also upload a video highlighting the main features of the product.


ClassifiedAds.com is an eminent Craigslist-like website located in the Seattle region. The site was established in 2006 and is completely accessible for free, which means you can post advertisements without any fee. You can also sign up for an account on Facebook however, unlike Craigslist it does not require an account to make an advert.


Hoobly is a classified site that is very like Craigslist and has a simple appearance. The main difference however, is that you can select what you’re looking to find and then decide the best location to search for it. Similar to eBay Classifieds, Hoobly appears to be a popular option for those looking to buy or sell pets.


Decluttr is a fast, simple and cost-free option to market mobile phones, tech CDs, DVDs, Video Games and Books. Decluttr is the simplest method of selling your goods.

You just need to scan your objects, and they’ll make the opportunity to purchase. Once you’ve finished scanning, take the delivery label and mail your items back. Once they’re accepted and approved, you are paid. It’s that simple.


Poshmark is a great and easy method to purchase and sell your fashion items. A large number of celebrities on social media are known to post their old designer clothes on this site.

Poshmark provides you with the opportunity to deliver the item rather than having to deliver the item by yourself.


Mercari is another mobile-based selling app that lets you send your items rather than getting together with other people to deliver the products.

If you’re hesitant about having a conversation with someone who have already been mentioned on the market do not worry ! Mercari has your back.

Listing is literally very simple : Just snap a picture with your smartphone, then list it, and decide on an amount.

All the above mentioned features of Mercari comes at cost i.e. they will charge 10% of what you sell through their platform.


Trovit is an engine for classifieds and is perfect for purchasing. With Trovit you can browse various classified websites online for houses, cars or jobs. The website is well-organized and simple to navigate.

Trovit operates all over the globe.So select the country you reside in first and then select the subject you want to view. You can select to see Homes, Cars or Jobs on the top of the page.

Then you’ll then be directed by a search engine in order to locate listings for the product near the area you live in.


Locanto provides online classifieds across more than 60 countries. Most major U.S. cities have a Locanto board. It does accept advertisements from national retailers therefore not all listings is local.

It is likely that you will be most successful of winning Locanto within Los Angeles, Miami, or New York. The cities mentioned are featured on their boards.

Placing your advertisement on a local board is completely free. However, you are able to pay an additional fee to expand the advertisement to other cities.

Conclusion : Hope we have covered all the Craigslist Alternatives which are worth to look at. If by any chance we missed out important site in this list, please do let us know in the comments section, so that we will add it to the list


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