How to Get Snapchat on Chromebook ? Is it Possible ?

Snapchat on Chromebook : Today’s technologically savvy world demands new applications based on interesting concepts and user interface. The multimedia applications hold a great opportunity in this regard and keep coming up with advancements in UI and AI-based apps and software.

Out of these, Snapchat has gained a significant portion of the limelight in recent times. Some of the primary reasons for this include being the first application to introduce story features to the users, discover options for businesses aiming to promote their products and the dedicated password-protected space for storing all of the personal photos. :

Snapchat on Chromebook

Owing to this popularity, now the application has breached into all major categories of devices and our readers keep frequently searching about its installation guidelines in case of Chromebook. So, keep your wait under pause as here we are to detail you out on this exact point.

How to Use Snapchat on Windows 10 PC

Is it possible to install Snapchat on Chromebook ?

Yes, it is very much possible for you to install Snapchat on your Chromebook and use it. However, you need to follow certain special steps for it, to make the version compatible with the Linux-based Chrome OS of your device, and then you can use it smoothly.

Steps for compatibility & Download Snapchat Apk on chromebook

So, before going for setting up the compatibility, please download the latest version of Snapchat apk, either from the Play Store in your Chromebook or via trusted websites like ApkMirror which will ensure that you have a safe experience and no malware or virus gets into the system along with the download. Then move on with the steps mentioned below for converting the type to Linux-based platform:

  1. Open the Linux terminal of the Chromebook.
  2. Run the below mentioned code lines in it:

sudo apt-get install nodejsnpm
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node

  • These command lines will set up a new node.js.
  • Then to install the Chrome OS version of the apk run the next line of command as follows:

sudo npm install chromeos-apk –g

  • To retrieve the apk version that you downloaded before initiating this process, enter the next line of command as below:

chromeos-apk snapchatapp.apk

  • With all of these lines of command getting executed, a new directory will be generated which has to be copied back in the Chromebook.
  • Then open your Google Chrome Browser in the device.
  • Move to the triple dots option in the top-right corner and select tools and then extensions from the dropdown coming up.
  • Go to the Snapchat option, click on ‘Enable developer mode’ and then hit on the ‘load unpacked extension’.

As a result of these steps, an additional directory would get created based out of Linux and it would then help you in running Snapchat successfully on the Chromebook. In other words, the compatibility to Linux is set up and the general mismatch issues would get resolved.

Now, the Chromebook users can also launch Snapchat and enjoy the features as their other platform counterparts. Share stories with your loved ones and enjoy the encryption made between the chats. Feel free to raise questions if you face any issue in this method.


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