How to Tell if Someone Blocked You on Instagram ? [ 2023 Guide ]

How to know if someone blocked you on instagram

Who Blocked Me on Instagram? Instagram is one of the best app to share photos, videos and stories with your friends. One fine day you may face this issue i.e. you are just scrolling normally through your Instagram feed and it surprises you to find out that you are not seeing any updates from one of your friend who use to post frequently. In other case you are not seeing any posts from your ex in your newsfeed. Chances are that you friend or your ex has blocked you on Instagram app.

Instagram, undoubtedly the best app to share memories, does have a feature that lets its user block unwanted people. Once blocked, a person won’t be able to see any posts or updates from the person who blocked him/her. However if you want to know whether your friend or your ex has really blocked you; there are ways to find out that. This post shows the same i.e. How to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram?

Steps to Find Out if Someone Has Blocked You on Instagram

  • First of all open your Instagram app and navigate to the ‘Discover’ section i.e. the section represented by a magnifying glass. Try searching for the profile of the person whom you think has blocked you.
  • If the profile of the person concerned is public you will be able to find it through normal search.
  • Open the profile and if you are seeing a ‘No Posts Yet’ banner on the area where normally photographs should be present plus the total number of posts’ banner on the top, by that person, reflects a number greater than zero then it means you are blocked by that person. .
  • You can re-confirm this by pressing the blue colored ‘Follow’ button. Once you hit the ‘Follow’ button nothing will happen. This is the confirmation that you are blocked.

Now these were the steps if your friend in question has a public account. However if the user has a private profile then you won’t be able to find it through normal search. In that case please follow the steps given below:

  • Find out one of your mutual friend who follows the user in question.
  • Thereafter just navigate through the photographs of your mutual friend and try to find a post which the user might have liked or commented on it.
  • Now you can tap on the “Users” name navigating to his/her relative profile.
  • You will see the blue colored ‘Follow’ button on the top.
  • Try following him/her. If you are unable to follow then this is the confirmation that the person on the other end has blocked you.

Post knowing that you have been blocked, there’s no use sending a private message asking the reason as the other user wouldn’t receive your message. Also there is no way to know whether friend has read your message or not.

So instead of confronting your friend or ex over social media it is always better to self-reflect and respect their decision and c’mon it is not the end of the world. Keep posting fantastic photos and videos on your Instagram app and live your life to the full.

That’s it from our end.. We have explained clearly on how to check if someone blocked you on Instagram. Any queries or suggestions please do let us know in the comments section.


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