How to Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone?

While the world is still entrapped by the utility of Android operating system, each year, staggering number of people switch from android to iOS. The reason could be iPhone’s fast processor, its picture quality, its futuristic innovation or, maybe you just bought it to flaunt it. It’s fine, that defines me as well.

However,such a massive change comes with a myriad of responsibilities. Moving from Android to iOS is like migrating from one world of innovation to the other. The trickiest facet of the migration is the export of data, especially if we are talking about contacts. What are some of the easiest ways to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone? Let’s take a look.

Easy ways to transfer contacts from Android to iOS

Migration of contacts from Android to iOS could be easy if you know what to do. In this article, I have highlighted 3 simple of ways to achieve this.

Using Google account:

We all have google accounts, don’t we? Thus, this mode of transfer is accessible to most of the people who are switching from android to iOS. To avail this method, you need to have your contacts synced with your google account. To ensure this, go to the settings of your android phone and tap on the ‘account and sync’ tab. Click on the ‘accounts’ tab and add the details of your Gmail Account. The synchronization will ensue.

Now, go to the settings of your iPhone. Scroll down to the tab that says ‘contacts’. Press on ‘accounts’ tab and then click on ‘add new’. Various particulars such as iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Google, Yahoo, etc, will be displayed. Needless to say, click on ‘Google’. Following these steps will sync your new iPhone with your google account. Once this has been achieved, all the contacts will be transferred, Easy peesy!

Import SIM contacts:

If the method of Google Account in inaccessible to you, fret not, there is an equally efficacious alternative to that. The other way of transferring the contacts from Android to iOS is via your SIM. To perform this, the first thing you have to do is to save all the contacts of your Android phone to the SIM. Once this has been achieved, remove the SIM from your android phone and insert it in your iPhone.

Go to the settings of iPhone and scroll down to the ‘contacts’ tab. Click on the tab that says ‘import SIM contacts’. Voila! You now have all your contacts transferred from the android phone to your iPhone.

Using the Move to iOS app:

Move to iOS app has been developed by Apple to facilitate the migration of contacts from Android to iOS. It can be installed from the Google Play Store. Not only can it transfer the contacts, but you can also use it to transfer pictures, videos, message history, calendars, mail accounts, web bookmarks etc.

To transfer the data using Move to iOS app, install the app on your android phone. When you are all ready to transfer the data, your iPhone will create a private Wi-Fi network and detect the android phone if the android is running the application. A security code will be generated. After entering this code, all the relevant data will be transferred in a poof! Using this method, you can also transfer any of the free apps that were installed in your Android phone.

Download Move to iOS App from Play store


Choosing to switch to iPhone from Android is a massive step towards bettering your life, no offense to Android whatsoever. However, such a step necessitates transfer of data if you don’t want to spend all eternity feeding your contacts all over again. This is why, migrating your data is an important task. It will make the switch quick and seamless. This article included some of the best ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android known to me. I hope you found it helpful.


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